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Bankruptcy Mailing List

Bankruptcy Masterfile

Chapter, Status, File & Release Date



BB Direct’s Bankruptcy Database is enhanced with a variety of consumer elements not found in any other database.  Our BK Database delivers responsive candidates for a variety of financial offers.  Choose from a variety of selects to best target your most ideal prospect. 


A partial list of those selection filters are:


Home Value   Filing Date   Release Date
Bankruptcy Chapter   Home Loan Date   Status of Bankruptcy


Our Bankruptcy Database empowers mailers to target those experiencing financial challenges. If you wish to target individuals who have recently filed for Bankruptcy protection or those with discharged bankruptcies, this database is for you. In addition to bankruptcy related selects, our file has been enhanced with a variety of demographic selects as well. Choose from Children Present, Dwelling Type, Gender, Estimated Income, Length of Residence, and more. 


BB Direct's Bankruptcy Database is popular for many offers including new cars, debt renegotiation, attorneys, credit, and many other financial offers. Direct mail is one of the most consistently successful methods of advertisement and paired with our Bankruptcy Database, mailers experience even greater results.


To learn more about this and other targeted audiences, call us at (866) 501-6273 and one of our List Experts will be happy to help you.