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Cable TV Group

BB Direct provides quality data and database process services to the cable industry.  Our understanding of marketing data, coupled with our experience within the cable Industry, ensures your marketing initiatives will achieve the maximum response results.  Our team of experts will help you find new opportunities within your market, and help you make the connection with new subscribers.


Making the Connection

Making the connection with new prospects starts with identifying them within your homes passed geography.   While you’re likely to have most of your homes passed names and addresses, we help clients find and reach the rest.  How many are you missing?  What’s the value of this lost opportunity?  We can answer these questions for you, and more so, help you recapture the lost revenue hidden within your homes passed market.


Multi-Channel Integration - 1 + 1 = 3

Once we’ve identified your non-subscribers, you’ll want to connect with them.  Our multi-channel enhancement process maximizes your ability to communicate with your non-subscriber audience by delivering a truly multi-touch point benefit.



Services Offered


Homes Passed Analysis

Finding new opportunity and increasing your reach within your homes passed geo market is our primary goal. Our Homes Passed Analysis will provide you with the intelligence of who your non-subscribers are, and how to best reach them.

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Postal Reach

Our database enhancement team will fill-in the missing names and addresses of your non-subscribers.  This will enable you to effectively postal mail this dormant segment with special, new customer promotions.

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Phone Reach

Make the most of your telemarketing campaign initiatives by enhancing your homes passed file with additional phones.  We’ll also verify the phone numbers you have and update them to increase your connection.

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Email Reach

Single & Multi-flight email campaigns are easy to implement, but are they right for you?  Talk with our Cable Group experts to better assess your marketing opportunity.  We’ll help you increase your connection and communication to non-subscribers and build market share via email.

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Banner Reach

As a registered Partner of Semcasting, an innovator in data and audience targeting solutions, we are able to offer the Smart Zones IP Address-based technology for online display advertising.  This patented technology enables advertisers to target specific ISP provider subscribers at their homes at a neighborhood level.

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Helping cable companies make the connection with new subscribers is what we do.  We’ll provide you with a truly integrated, multi-touch data solution that both illuminates new subscriber opportunities and focuses your marketing dollars on target-ready premium prospects.