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Banner Reach

Targeted Banner Ad Placement Within your Homes Passed Market


Your online initiatives must include an inbound program to drive traffic to your storefront.  With Smart Zones, you’re investment in targeting the right people within your homes passed geo market has never been more accurate.


Target your existing subscribers with premium channel offers, or convert non-subscribers into new customers, our Premium Digital Prospecting solution is a powerful online medium; crucial to your customer relationship development.  As a registered Partner of Semcasting, an innovator in data and audience targeting solutions, we are able to offer the Smart Zones IP Address-base technology for online display advertising.  This patented technology enables advertisers to target specific ISP provider subscribers at their homes at a neighborhood level. 


The Premium Digital Prospecting Advantage

Unlike older cookie-base technology where almost 50% of the online community blocks cookie’s by default, our IP Address-based technology delivers a near 100% reach into homes within your homes passed geo-market.


Whether these prime prospects are home online using their PC, smart phone, or tablet, they will receive your message at the ideal time of day, day of week, and on select media websites for that targeted prospect.


If you would like a candid conversation about online marketing using our IP Address-based technology, give us a call at 866-501-6273 and ask to speak with one of our Cable Group experts.

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