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Database Append

BB Direct offers a variety of Database Append services.  These services are designed to enhance your existing database of customers with information that helps you better communicate your product and service offerings.


These append services include:


Business Append Services


Business Append Process includes enhancing your database of existing B2B customers with valuable firmographic information.  Doing so will help you segment your business clientele and enable you to version your messaging for better response.


Consumer Append


Our Consumer Append Process will bring new light to your existing database of B2C customers.  Imagine segmenting your consumer database by income, or age.  This is what a Consumer Append can do for you.


Phone Append & Reverse Phone Append


With our Phone Append and Reverse Phone Append, we pass your database against the largest and most comprehensive consumer databases available so you get accurate phones and the highest match rates.



Email Append & Reverse Email Append


BB Direct provides both Email Append and Reverse Email Append processes.  Need emails added your postal file or add postal address information to an email list?  No problem, just give us a ring and we’ll take care of you.


Regardless of your database enhancement needs, BB Direct wants to partner with you.  We’ve served 1,000’s of companies needing to enrich their customer database and will gladly help you too.  Please feel free to call your account representative for consultation and cost estimate.

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