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Email Append

Appending Email Addresses To Your Customer Database Just Got Easier 


Email append services add email addresses to your existing in-house database by matching first name, last name, and postal address. Email marketing can be a worthy investment for any business and our append services include matches for both consumer and business records.


Think 40% + Match Rates is Impossible?


With BB Direct’s Multi-pass email append process, we can turn your postal customer database into a goldmine. For starters, send us your database and we’ll provide you with a match rate report for FREE. We’re confident our append rate is higher than anyone else and will do the upfront work without any commitment from you. We’ll tell you how many emails we’ll match on your file before you place your order.


Accurate email addresses are the essential ingredient of any email marketing tactic. Email addresses provided through BB Direct’s Email append services are guaranteed to be permission based and compliant with all CAN-SPAM regulations. 


Email marketing is immediate, direct, measurable and common place. It can also be considered the foundation of many online marketing platforms, including search based marketing and social media marketing.  


Consumers and businesses have grown accustomed to receiving coupons, promotions, newsletters, and new product information from many of their favorite brands.  Likewise, these brands have been seeing increased consumer interaction, feedback, and spending.


To test drive our email append services and create new marketing opportunities for your business contact a member of the BB Direct Data Service Team at (866) 501-6273.