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Email Direct Marketing


We provide a variety of email direct marketing services designed to give lift to a postal campaign, or to drive web-traffic in conjunction with other digital media.  Email direct marketing can be a great way to boost response with any direct marketing initiatives, but it’s not always your best option.  We advise you consult with one of our digital media experts before you test email marketing.


Our email direct marketing products and services include the following:


Opt-In Email – Consumer


If you’re interested in broadcasting your email message to a consumer group, BB Direct’s Consumer Email List is the one for you.


Opt-In Email – Business


Our Business Email List helps B2B marketers reach new prospects via email.  Ask us about our decision makers targeting capability.


Email Append


Need email addresses added to your postal name and address database?  Send us your database we will return it with verified deliverable email addresses using our Email Append Process.


Reverse Email Append


Like Email Append, Reverse Email Append adds names and postal address data to your list of email addresses.


Campaign Fundamentals


We also offer consultation on the fundamentals of email marketing.  This is a must read before launching your first email campaign.


If you have a need for something outside the above products and services, please contact your BB Direct representative.

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