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Permission based email business list purchases are an important aspect of many e-marketers campaign tactics, but knowing the firm you are procuring your lists from is vital.  Many marketing firms will pass off unsolicited bulk email lists as a permission based email business list, putting your campaign and reputation on the line.


BB Direct is a reputable data service provider with years of experience in the direct mail and email marketing industry.  Our permission based email lists are compiled of business’ requests for specific email offers which range represent variety of industries and product or service needs.  This type of campaign provides maximum market penetration for a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing campaigns.


Permission based email campaigns can jump start your email marketing communications by sending high volume, high speed, and low cost messages to an extremely targeted list of ideal business prospects. Considered a safe and professional way to convey marketing messages, permission based email campaigns increase ROI and create a buzz around your business, product, or service.


To learn more about permission based email business lists and how they can improve your current marketing mix contact BB Direct’s email marketing specialists at (866) 501-6273.