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  • Executives at Home Address Database

    May 26,2020



    Given the pandemic we’re all enduring right now, the majority of business executives have relocated their place of work to the spare bedroom.  Many of these executives are decision makers for the businesses that employ them, but reaching them with direct mail offers while mailing to the business location is a lost cause.  So, how do Business to Business marketers find and reach these valuable decision makers if they’re working from home?  They do so by using the Exe... Read More

  • Marketing Product Review – Postcard Mailing

    May 21,2020



    Postcard’s can be an effective and inexpensive marketing tool to generate sales leads for your business.  Some postcards are more effective than others, so pay close attention to the “in’s and out’s” of the following postcard mailing recommendations.

    Postcard Mailing Fundamentals

    Post Cards are an excellent way to get your brand into the hands of very targeted people such as New Homeowners.  They’re inexpensive and can likel... Read More

  • When to use Subcriber Data

    May 19,2020



    Some mailers use a response file, while others use compiled file data.  Knowing the difference between these two files will help you become a better marketer.

    What are they?

    Subscriber files are very much what they sound like.  They are a list of current subscribers of a particular magazine or publication.  Database marketing professionals test a variety of subscriber files, measure the performance, and seek ways to improve response performance on those bette... Read More

  • Small Business Target Marketing: Learning from the Competition

    May 14,2020



    A very common challenge with small business marketing is that they struggle with differentiating themselves among the potentially many competitors within the same geographic footprint.  There is a finite number of prospects within your geographic footprint, so knowing how to position company and brand is key to growing your business.

    The answer to this challenge is to become an expert on your competition.  Ask yourself, “Who are your competitors and what do they say about themselves?  How do they position themselves among the companies and brands within this common space?&n... Read More

  • How to Buy a Mailing List

    May 12,2020



    While there are many providers of mailing lists available, you're likely going to have your mail pieces printed and mailed.  Very often, this same company doing the printing and mailing will be able to offer you a targeted mailing list.  At BB Direct, we get requests directly from the mailer because they want to piece their campaign together to control the costs and also get the best targeting for their marketing investment.                             &... Read More

  • Small Business Brand Development

    May 07,2020



    The marketing goals for all businesses is ultimately to continue to thrive, sustain, and grow.  This may be the development of sales lists to a sales team, or inviting a select number of people who want to learn about their financial retirement planning.  It may also reinforce the existing relationships with customers or communicate to your customers and prospects what steps the company is taking to thrive thru the Covid-19 pandemic.  In all cases, the business wants to communicate, at all times, how the business wants its public to view them.  Regardless of what the message is within ... Read More

  • Small Business Direct Marketing Campaign Measurement

    May 05,2020



    Many new business owners neglect to properly measure their first direct marketing campaign.  It’s a simple thing to ignore with so many other pressing duties.  In effect, they’re marketing blind.  What could be a great learning opportunity, ends in more confusing and costly sales lead flow.   This is especially true for Business to Business sales.

    Why many businesses fail to measure response:

    1. They often are fixated on doing the campaign because they believe... Read More
    2. Building Your Customer Database

      April 30,2020




      If you haven't started collecting names, addresses, phones, emails, of your customers, START NOW!  This is easy to start, but also easy to neglect.  But as you will see, it will be more and more helpful as your business grows.  Not only will your marketing become more effective, your marketing will become less expensive.                               

      What's it worth?  Singularly, for many busine... Read More

    3. Direct Mail Marketing – How Long Does It Take?

      April 28,2020



      How much time should you give yourself when preparing for a direct mail campaign?

      Well, there are several key steps that affect the lead time needed to execute a campaign.  Today we’ll discuss the process from start to finish so you’ll be ready, they’ll be no surprises, and you’ll be able to estimate the lag time needed from inception to response measurement.

      Let’s say you’re wanting to mail to New Movers within a given area.  Remember, the whol... Read More

    4. Generational Marketing – Baby Boomers Part 5 of 5

      April 23,2020



      Born between 1946 and 1964, this segment of the population exceeds 75 million people and represents more than 70% of all disposal income on the US.  Due to the sheer wealth of this generation, it’s vital that you cater to this audience as best you can.

      Dubbed the “Me Generation” in the 1970’s, today they are considered the “Most Valuable Generation”.  They were the Me Generation because since there were so many within this consumer segment, a lot of attentio... Read More

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