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  • The Anatomy of a Perfect Email - Info-graphic

    November 03,2014

    Don’t be fooled by business statistics attempting to demonstrate a mass migration away from email, and toward social media as the dominant platform for marketing messages. It isn’t that the statistics showing massive — and ever growing — numbers of social media users are false entirely. It’s that the context usually suggests that marketers tend to address their target audiences from an ‘either/or’ standpoint. Or it suggests that users rely on one or the other exclusively. And that just simply isn’t true. Social media may excel at a few things, but targeted marketing campaigns aren’t among those. Despite the fact that social media platforms like Facebook number their users ... Read More

  • Integrate Postal and Email for Greater Response

    August 23,2013

    Posted by Brian Berg Google+


    Direct mailers have found including a supplemental email campaign with a postal campaign provides lift to response. 


    Take for instance the National Geographic Magazine campaign, highlighted in the Pitney Bowes blog. Not only do they use both postal and email, they include a “keep an eye out”, within the HTML, for an upcoming offer via postal mail.  A digital photo of the actual envelop to be mailed is pictured within the HTML crea... Read More

  • What Does the Email SpamAssassin Score Mean To You?

    April 03,2013

    Posted by Brian Berg Google+


    The Email SpamAssassin score is a computer program used for email spam filtering based on a variety of content-matching rules.  So, based on the content within your email, the program will assign a score to it.  Depending on the SpamAssassin Score assigned to the HTML creative, your email may or may not make it to the inbox.  A score higher than 5 will likely end up in Junk Folder of your prospective email recipient.


    What Is a Good Score? S... Read More

  • Multiple Email Deployment Tells a Story

    April 03,2013

    Posted by Brian Berg Google+


    Like any direct mail marketing effort, email makes an impression.  For most successful digital marketing campaigns, it’s not the sheer number of impressions you make but it’s the message relevancy.  Just as important is it to targeting the right audience is communicating the right message. 


    Your message should tell a story, not a repeat the image or sound bite over and over.  This relationship building between how many times you can broadcast your message before it is ignored is sometimes referred to as the signal-to-noise ratio. 


    The most effective repetition tells the prospects something of meaningful value, i.e., why they might consider your product or s... Read More

  • Direct email marketing is now affordable

    April 03,2013

    Posted by Brian Berg Google+


    Gone are the days of high cost email data acquisition.  With email aggregators in full force, the sheer quantity and targetability of email deployment has sky rocketed while the cost for effective deployment has plummeted.  What’s more, the effectiveness of email advertisement continues to improve.


    Email Deployment Example


    Let’s take a look at a typical scenario with a direct email campaign.  A medium sized retail specialty store wants to reach out to the local community.  Unlike others forms of marketing, an email broadcast can reach people on the cheap and collect names of potential customers from each which to further communicate your message... Read More