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  • Direct Mail 101- How to Build a Targeted Mailing List

    February 02,2014

    Posted by Brian Berg Google+


    One of the single most difficult tasks for small business owners can be acquiring new customers through a consumer or business mailing list.  Many of us don’t come from a marketing background, making customer procurement a head scratching task for many.  Direct mail marketing is a tried and tested way to get your company’s message into the hands (and heads) of customers that have a legitimate interest in your product or service.  Here are some direct mail marketing tips to get you started on the road to generating leads and converting them into new customers!


    Understand Your Target AudienceRead More

  • Lead Nurturing 101

    August 27,2013

    Posted by Brian Berg Google+


    Lead Nurturing 101Not all leads are the same and therefore should not be pursued the same.  More and more, direct marketing technology is making is easier than ever for marketers to build variable communication to “nurturing” their leads and improving their response. 


    Lead Nurturing


    Lead nurturing involves first understanding the naturally occurring subsets of your lead database.  Many companies are always testing multiple ways to bring new leads to their store ... Read More

  • Sizing Up Your First Time Direct Mail Marketing Campaign

    April 03,2013

    Posted by Brian Berg Google+


    For small businesses planning their first direct mail marketing campaign, I’ve detailed an important point for every business to consider when launching their first mailing.  I write this because far too often we will get requests for a highly targeted list, but the mail quantity is so small (or their direct marketing budget is so small), there response rate will simply not provide enough intelligence to draw any valid conclusions.


    Many first time mailers see the direct mail advertising medium as a possible lead gene... Read More

  • Business to Business Direct Mail 101

    April 03,2013

    Posted by Brian Berg Google+


    Decision makers at businesses evaluate a multitude of offers from direct mail, internet, cold calls, and print space within their respective industry journals and magazines.  They are bombarded by messages on relevant subject matter pertaining to everything a business could need and more. 


    Over time, business decision makers become aware of the brands that circulate within their peripheral.  The same monthly magazine containing relevant articles are filled with print advertising that continually reinforces their branded logos they saw 7 to 30 days prior.  The messages start to become repetitive and the advertisement is given less and less attention.  The direct mail they receive is also repetitive... Read More

  • Buying a Mailing List

    April 03,2013

    Posted by Brian Berg Google+


    When embarking on your first direct mail campaign, it’s imperative that you think through all facets of the campaign.  From creative, to offer, to keeping your message congruent with the other advertising mediums.  Below are some of the more important points to remember when creating a mailing list.  Do it right the first time may mean the difference between a positive ROI or never testing direct mail again. Here are seven very important points to remember:


    1.  Know your customer The absolute best way to understand your best prospects is to understand your current best customers.  You as a business owner can describe in detail what your customer looks like based on his or he... Read More

  • Compiled vs. Response Business Mailing Lists

    April 03,2013

    Posted by Brian Berg Google+


    There are a number of high quality business databases available that contain all businesses.  But at any given time, a percentage of these businesses on these databases are no longer in business.  The SBA claims that 4 out of 5 small businesses go out of business within the first 2 years. 


    Regardless of the reason, it takes a while for compilers to see that they’ve closed their doors.  During this time, they will continue to be on the database, continue to be mailed and called, and direct mail marketers will continue to spend marketing money on print and postage to reach them. 


    For this reason, it’s important to conside... Read More

  • Newsletter Marketing

    April 03,2013

    Posted by Brian Berg Google+


    With B2B Newsletter Marketing, the goal is to continue to increase your readership.  And with B2B Newsletters, the competition for a finite number of potential readers is limited.  Therefore, it’s increasingly more important to delivering the right offer to your audience cannot be stressed enough. 


    There are so many business industry specific newsletters that deliver so many messages, if you don’t offer a right message that’s relevant to your audience, you will lose them. Consider the many newsletter invitations you receive on a weekly basis.  And of those, consider how many you read regularly.  If you don’t have a relevant subject and the articles are simply not helpful or... Read More

  • Specialty Mailing Lists

    April 03,2013

    Posted by Brian Berg Google+


    Most mailing list brokers label mailing list databases that are not compiled as “special”.  The database tends to increase in value when begin labeled as such.  But the fact is, most mailing list brokers do not fully appreciate the source of one database source or another.  They tend to focus on the selects and pricing and maybe how the coverage is in their prospective direct mail marketer’s mail territory. 


    Ultimately, many a mail budget is spent testing a mailing list based on misinformation. The importance working with an experienced mailing list broker cannot be overly emphasized.  You can never ask too many questions on how a potential mailing list has been compiled, when it... Read More

  • Which mailing list is best?

    April 03,2013

    Posted by Brian Berg Google+


    How does the direct mail marketer narrow down his/her search for the most ideal mailing list for their campaign needs? 


    This task isn’t always as easy as it might first appear.  Ask any business owner what their ideal customers “look like” and they’ll likely provide a detailed description of who they want to target.  But not all detailed descriptions can be recreated from the traditional databases available. 


    Below is a quick look at some of the more popular mailing list databases and their associated uses.


    Resident Occupant Saturation Type Campaigns

    This file allows you to blanket an area aro... Read More

  • Is your mailing list updated?

    April 03,2013

    Posted by Brian Berg Google+


    Is the mailing list you are about to rent updated?  Good question.  Many believe that at each update, a marketable database is compiled from scratch with new names added and any inaccuracies eliminating.  There is a common belief that should you mail to an acquired list, there will be no undeliverable mailing addresses and 100% of your list will be delivered to the people who the homes in which they are addressed.  Every compiler of data, no matter how “freshly” updated the list, will have errors. The facts Let’s set the record straight.  No database, no matter how frequently updated is 100% accurate.  On average, a consumer mailing list will be between 5% and 7% undeliverable at any given time.  I... Read More

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