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  • Smarter Marketing is Vital to Weather Auto Dealership Slump

    September 20,2017

    Auto marketingWhen you look at the US auto industry by numbers, you would think that all is well and business is booming.

    In 2016 over 17.55 million new vehicles were sold in the US. These numbers top the pre-financial crisis numbers from 2005 which peaked at 16.98 million vehicles.  But, the auto industry being profitable isn’t about the volume of vehicles sold, but the breakdown of SVUs and light trucks.  The percentage of these types of vehicles plays a large part of total vehicle sales.  A record high of 64.5% was reported in June of 2017.

    The fact of the matter is this; automakers make a much higher profit on selling trucks and SUVs over selling smaller cars.  Current retail prices for vehicles in the US are:... Read More

  • Cost, Efficiency and Targeting- Why Auto Dealers Love Direct Mail!

    February 13,2015

    Posted by Brian Berg Google+

    When it comes to auto dealer and automobile mailing list marketing, the rallying cry for “digital everything” is heard far and wide around the industry.   It started with 3rd party leads, PPC and then SEO.  Now there’s a need to invest in reputation management, social media, and mobile and customized apps.  All of this digital emphasis costs dealers big bucks, about 33% of their total marketing spend, according to NADA.  With dealers spending so much time and money driving consumers to their websites, they often forget o... Read More

  • Targeted Business Mailing Lists Avoiding the 5 List Buying Hazards!

    June 26,2013

    Posted by Brian Berg Google+


    Whether you buy mailing list data regularly or you are considering a direct marketing initiative for the first time, your options for acquiring B2B sales leads are vast.  To the untrained list buyer, avoiding common mistakes can mean the difference between a steady flow of new customers and an expensive lead generation expense you’d consider never investing in again.


    Below are Five hazards with buying targeted business mailing lists and how to navigate around making these common sales-lead-buying mistakes.


    B2B List Buying Hazard # 1... Read More

  • Marketing Tips Issue 67

    April 03,2013

    30 Timeless Direct Marketing Principles


    1. All customers are not created equal. Give or take a few percentage points, 80 percent of repeat business for goods and services will come from 20 percent of your customer base.


    2. The most important order you ever get from a customer is the second order. Why? Because a two-time buyer is at least twice as likely to buy again as a one-time buyer.


    3. Maximizing direct mail success depends first upon the lists you use, second upon the offers you make, and third upon the copy and graphics you create.


    4. If, on a given list, “hotline” names don’t work, the... Read More

  • Marketing Tips Issue 66

    April 03,2013

    3 Elements Critical To Growing Your Business


    For many businesses a successful marketing strategy consists mainly of getting new customers. Of course bringing in new customers is important for every business but it is only a small part of the overall OPTIMIZATION equation. And each requires a different strategy. In order for a business to realize exponential growth, you must do the following three things:


    1. Increase your customer base.
    2. Increase the frequency of purchase of each and every customer.
    3. Increase the average amount of each cus... Read More
    4. Marketing Tips Issue 57

      April 03,2013

      Answer this question please.  What differentiates you and/or company from your competition?  Or, why would I want to do business with your company as opposed to your competitor?


      It’s a simple question but it’s one that really does not nor should not require a simple answer.  Yet, when I ask this simple question (and I always do), 97% of the time I can always anticipate the same answer.  SERVICE.    Ugh!  That drives me bonkers!!


      Think about it for a moment, what does the word service really mean to you and/or your organization?  You live, breath and eat your organization so you have an inner knowledge of its definition.  Would it have... Read More

    5. 6 Ways to Quickly Integrate your Existing Customers into your Social Media Marketing Strategy

      April 03,2013

      Posted by Brian Berg Google+


      We all know there are hundreds of ways to incorporate your existing customers into the fold of your social media marketing campaign, but for those who are short on time and, this list is likely your best first steps.

      1. Upload your customer emails to LinkedIn and invite them all to join your business profile.  


      LinkedIn provides a simple but effective way to upload email addresses of your existing customer list, and then invite them to become a friend. Within your LinkedIn account and within Contacts on the top menu bar, click on Add ... Read More

    6. Marketing Tips - Issue 55

      April 03,2013

      Benefits of Ownership (BoO)


      This is the art of persuading folks that they should buy/respond what you’re selling/asking. Notice though, I didn’t necessarily say that they should be buying/responding from you. This is the art of what will that product/service do for them. This really answers the question:


      Why would someone want to buy/respond to what you sell/ask in the first place?


      These are folks who may be looking for answer to questions or problems they didn’t even know they have.


      Objections of Ownership (OoO)


      These are people who have gone down a continuum and for ... Read More

    7. Marketing Tips - Issue 53

      April 03,2013

      Don't Confuse Your Marketing Vehicle with Your Marketing Message


      The mistake that many businesses make is in confusing these marketing vehicles--the messengers--with their messages. Whenever I hear statements like the following, I know instantly that the speaker is probably confusing the messenger with the message. 'I tried newspaper ads once. They didn't work for us.'  or 'Direct Mail doesn't work for our company.' As long as you have selected a marketing vehicle that effectively and efficiently reaches your target prospects and they fail to respond, it is your 'message' that didn't work, not the vehicle used to deliver that message.


      If you try sending your prospects your marketing message via a direct mail post card and you get zero response, and you are certain... Read More

    8. Marketing Tips - Issue 52

      April 03,2013

      Make the 800 Number BIGGER


      Sounds simple, but nothing says “Call me” like a bold 800 number.  The smart catalogers put it on every single page.  Does your direct mail have it on every single element?  Why not?


      A Special Touch


      Two thirds of the customers you lost in the last year were underwhelmed by your lack of interest in them. To avoid this waste, reach out.  Always send a thank you for their order.  Add a special offer with the thank you.  And for those you haven't heard from, write and ask why.  Sometimes we just need a kind word or look to become loyal customers for life.


      Who Are Your Customers?


      A periodic analysis of your housefile ... Read More

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