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  • Valentine's Data: What's Love Got to do, Got to do With It?

    February 12,2015

    Valentines Day Data 1
    Valentines Day Data 2
    Valentines Day Data 3
    Valentines Day Data 4

    Valentine’s Day. The Day of Love. If you have ever had a si... Read More

  • Incoming Data: Money, Food and Football

    January 30,2015

    In our 3rd addition of our 3 part series in looking at the numbers behind the Super Bowl, we arrive at income.  Sure, everyone loves chicken wings and we proved that Americans really love them during the Super Bowl.  Snack food consumed during the big game can be measured in tonnage, with 1,200 calories average per person while watching the game.  But looking at income is equally as interesting.  Heck, who doesn’t love money?

    Using one of our Consumer Marketing Databases, we examined the population breakdown of the “football spectator” by median income per state.  In doing so, we find that New Jersey scores as the highest median annual income of $85,202 for football viewers and West V... Read More

  • Super Bowl Food Fight: Where Everything Goes to Waist

    January 28,2015


    Analyzing Snack Food Data


    Read More

  • What Do Data, The Super Bowl, and Chicken Wings Have in Common? Food For Thought

    January 27,2015

    FoodBowl Here at BB Direct, we love data. Data is the foundation for what we do. Data is everywhere, and can tell some crazy stories. Interpreting and analyzing data has become a huge industry, and businesses spend millions to decipher it and base decisions off of it.

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  • What is Direct Marketing?

    January 07,2015


    What Is Direct Marketing?


    Direct marketing is a multi-faceted concept with a simple definition. The best way to articulate a direct marketing definition includes the mention of components such as customers and communication. Direct marketing is a measurable way of getting in touch with a potential customer without the use of a middle man. Direct marketing is also considered "direct" because it is an intimate, high-touch technique. The channels used for direct marketing, such as email, smartphones, printed mailers, are some of the most forthright ways to get in touc... Read More

  • Five Advantages of Postal Direct Mail Over Email Marketing

    December 11,2014


    People are exposed to several thousand sales pitches, marketing messages, and advertising images every single day. Maybe it’s true that money makes the world go ‘round. At least that’s the basic underlying proposition of all these messages. We know this just as well as we know that these messages plastered and posted onto every surface we glance at are primarily working to play a part in that commerce. From the perspective of an audience — as opposed ... Read More

  • The Demographics of New York City Boroughs InfoGraph

    August 25,2014

    Direct Mail Marketing is about first identifying the segments within your market, then crafting your communication appropriately. The 5 New York City Boroughs is a perfect example of how our population is as segmented as it is diverse. Professional marketers look at New York City and see these boroughs, as well as their respective neighborhoods, as clusters of similar people, all living closely, but not all sharing the same demographics, attitudes, preferences, and buyer behavior. From the automobile they drive, to the food they eat, consumers within NYC are very different and unique in their own way. BB Direct can help you connect with your unique customers through our powerful auto mailing lists and consumer ma... Read More

  • NYC Borough Quiz - Which do you belong to?

    August 22,2014


    If you're not from New York City, the boroughs might be as foreign to you as kokoreç and babka. Created in 1898, the boroughs are a concept unique to New York City, and each borough is distinct and represented by particular traits; some are home to more democrats than others, some have quite a few working women while others very few, and some have residents that are more prone to gambling. From borough to borough, choice of automobiles and preferred forms of transportation varies, certain borough members favor certain sports teams over others, and there is even a clear distinction as to whether re... Read More

  • Direct Mail Trend Up for 2011

    April 03,2013

    Posted by Brian Berg Google+


     During 2010, marketers burst into the world of social network marketing; creating Facebook profiles, podcasts, and “Tweeting” about every subject imaginable.  This move to the social web made many marketers question if traditional direct mail marketing was dead.  With many significant advantages over the social web, such as easy tracking and measurability and pinpoint accurate targeting, direct mail marketing is expected to remain strong through 2011. Trends in direct mail marketing show the increasing use of more concentrated targeting options in 2011. 


    For... Read More

  • Announcing Our New Social Networking Niche Database!

    April 03,2013

    Posted by Brian Berg Google+


    Since the inception of the first social networking sites in 2005, hundreds of millions of consumers have flocked to join social web sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. In the beginning of the social web, participants used the networking sites to do just that, network and meet new people or reconnect with people from the past.


    As the social web has grown and become a daily part of many people’s lifestyle the advertising aspect has emerged. The social web is used as a sounding board for it users. Status updates on Facebook and Twitter keep us informed on not only h... Read More

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