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  • Solar Powered Homeowners Database - Did you know??

    September 26,2013

    Posted by Brian Berg Google+

    This database contains names and addresses where the residential home has PV (Photovoltaic) solar panels installed on the home/property.  With the continued and rising demand for this type of alternative energy, this database enables mailers to pinpoint early adopters, green minded, and people are actively saving money on their household utilities.


    The people who invest in solar power are your typical tree-hugging, left-learning, well-to-do ex-hippies right?  Wrong!  One Block Off the Grid surveyed 200 solar panel buyers and here’s what they found:


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  • DM Marketing for Tax Preparation Services Made Easy!

    April 03,2013

    Posted by Brian Berg Google+


    Printers and mail houses should be taking advantage of timely offers to different niches of their customer database throughout the year. BB Direct has taken the initiative in 2011 to reach out to all of our resale clients with marketing promotions that will allow you to reach different segments of your database with timely relevant promotional materials.


    Now, you may be saying, “Tax time is already here!! Tax preparation services are already mailing!” Research shows that the time to mail is actually, now.


    Google trending shows this keyword phras... Read More

  • Making the Most of your Holiday Mailings!

    April 03,2013

    Posted by Brian Berg Google+


    With the holiday season quickly approaching businesses should be well through the planning stages of their 2010 holiday marketing campaigns. Postcard holiday marketing campaigns can be an excellent way to boost important holiday sales. 


    Trends are predicting a 2.3% increase in holiday spending this year over the 2009 holiday season.  Use the following tips to ensure that your businesses 2010 holiday marketing campaign is profitable:


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    2. Medical Mailing Lists

      April 03,2013

      Posted by Brian Berg Google+


      To better understand the types of medical mailing lists available on the market today, you must first understand how the mailing list is compiled.  Medical Mailing Lists can be categorized in two ways; consumer’s mailing lists of people suffering from an ailment, or a licensed professional’s mailing list of people employed in a medical profession.


      Ailment, OTC Drug, and Rx Mailing List Compilation


      This mailing list includes self-reported information on a variety ailments, OTC (Over the counter) drugs used for the treatment o... Read More

    3. Ailment Target Marketing

      April 03,2013

      Posted by Brian Berg Google+


      Great improvements have been made to not only identifying a better direct mail ailment audience but also how this mailing list data is now utilized. This site contains information about ailment direct marketing is designed for the direct mail marketer.


      It’s written to help build a baseline education on the various types of mailing lists available on the market and how they are compiled. It also offers some insight as to how the savvy direct mail marketers utilize ailment data to better communicate to their desired target audience.


      The goal is to not only build a better mailing list, but to also make the mailing list data work better for the direct mail campaign and business in general. M... Read More

    4. Prescreened Offers of Credit

      April 03,2013

      Posted by Brian Berg Google+


      On any given day you’ll find a number of direct mail marketing pieces waiting for you.  Some of this direct mail will be bills for the electric and phone, while others will be a coupon for a local electronics store.  And undoubtedly there will be a direct mail piece that contains the wording “pre-screened” or “prequalified”.


      So what exactly is a prescreen offer of credit?  A direct mail piece containing a prescreen offer of credit, or “firm offer of credit” are based on information in an individuals credit report that indicates they have met specific crite... Read More

    5. Common Automobile Dealership Mailing Lists

      April 03,2013

      Posted by Brian Berg Google+


      Credit Score Mailing Lists Making a firm offer of credit allows you to utilize a Beacon Score mailing list.  This is a powerful tool enabling you to pinpoint exactly who you want invite to buy your vehicles.  


      Of all the selects available, your mailing list should include the following.  First, choose your credit score range that reaches the lower than average credit score range consumers.  The benefit to doing so is that these folks don’t always get offers of credit, and when they do, they react.


      Below are the types of selects available for when making a firm offer of credit


      • Actual Beacon Score • 100% Phone Numbers

      <... Read More
    6. College Bound Students Mailing Lists

      April 03,2013

      Posted by Brian Berg Google+


      A growing interest is placed on a unique specializes database called the College Bound Students database.  This file consists of names and addresses of High School students who are planning to attend a college or university after they graduate from High School. 


      The list is selectable by the year of school they are currently in High School and the curriculum they plan to study. The data for this type of mailing list is captured at the high schools themselves.  This is done by collecting the names and addresses of those students who complete financial aid applications. 


      The benefit for the student is that once they complete the financial aid application, they receive free in... Read More

    7. Auto Dealer Direct Mail Strategy

      April 03,2013

      Posted by Brian Berg Google+


      Success in auto dealership direct mail lies in the consistent and regular marketing message of your auto dealer brand.  And your brand should be the consistent message that separates you from the rest of the pack. 


      Consider the following story line….you’re the owner of a Honda auto dealership and you’ve got 9 other Honda dealerships all within a 1 mile radius of your location.  How do you differentiate your dealership from the rest?  How do you version your message within your direct mail piece?  And what is the common, most important message to be included in all your direct mail messages?


      Firstly, your dir... Read More

    8. The Secrets of Auto Dealership Direct Mail

      April 03,2013

      Posted by Brian Berg Google+


      A good direct mail piece in one that brings quality foot traffic into the show room. Quality sales leads are consumers both interesting in buying a car and those able to qualify for financing. There is an argument for packing the house with people to create excitement but the negative effect is that many potential buyers may walk around too long and talk themselves into becoming a shopper, instead of a buyer. If there aren’t enough salesmen on the floor to cover the sales leads walking in the door, you’ve got a problem of another kind.


      1. So for starters, your ideal sales lead is one who feels confident about qualifying for the purchase process as well as one who feels they will not be wasting... Read More

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