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  • Every Door Direct Mail USPS Program Facts

    April 03,2013

    Posted by Brian Berg Google+


    The newly implemented USPS program, Every Door Direct Mail, is actually the new name for Simplified Addressing Process.  New name but same old process….not to worry, we’ve outlined again the reasons for the mail service provider to continue to provide their mail service without concern for business loss.


    The fact is that only Flats and Parcels qualify for this program.  Traditional sized postcards and letters do not qualify.  The fact is that the mailer must purchase an indicia for their direct mail at $185.00.  The... Read More

  • Simplified Addressing Process Top 10 No Fear Facts for the Mail Service Provider

    April 03,2013

    Posted by Brian Berg Google+


    Mail Service Providers have no fear. The Simplified Addressing Process is here and we have 10 reasons why you shouldn’t worry. The Simplified Addressing Process that went into effect earlier this year was created in an attempt to help businesses grow, especially small businesses who currently don’t use the mail because they can’t afford it.


    The new rules with this process essentially enable the small business to use mail delivery route information, instead of names and exact addresses, to reach their target customer groups in specific areas. The new process is expected to ga... Read More

  • US Postal Service Summer Sale Details

    April 03,2013

    Posted by Brian Berg Google+


    General Program Information


    1. What is the 2010 Standard Mail Summer Sale Program?


    The Standard Mail Summer Sale offers eligible companies a 30% postage rebate on Standard Mail letter and flat volumes that exceed a predetermined threshold. The Sale runs July 1 through September 30, 2010. This threshold is determined by taking a company’s Standard Mail volume mailed during the time period from July to September 2009 and adding 5 percent (SPLY +5%). Only Standard Mail letters and flats in excess of this threshold will qualify for the rebate.


    2. Why is the Postal Service offering a Standard Mail Summer Sale Program?Read More

  • USPS New Move Update

    April 03,2013

    Posted by Brian Berg Google+


    So what's all the fuss about the New Move Update with the United States Post Office?  Well, BB Direct offers a simple explaination to help clear matters up. Since November 23rd, 2008, the Postal Service have revised the Move Update standards in an effort to reduce the mail that ends up forwarded or returns when the mailing address provided had previously been changed. 


    The gist of the staying compliant is that you now must be sure to update your mailing address within 95 days of your mailing.  This includes all Standard Mail (letters, flats, parcels and Not Flat-Machinables), as well as automated-rate and presort-rate First-Class Mail. The autorized methods for Updating your mail to stay compliant are:<... Read More

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