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  • Donor Mailing Lists a Must for Non-Profit Organizations

    March 21,2015

    Posted by Brian Berg Google+

    When people think of direct mail, they usually think of items being sent to a consumer mailing list like advertisements, flyers, and take-out menus.  However, direct mail can accomplish many different things, including soliciting donations or support for a good cause.  If you work for a non-profit or charitable organization, you may want to consider taking advantage of a direct mailing campaign.

    Targeted direct mail lists that are designed specifically for those who are seeking charitable donations can create a buzz about your ... Read More

  • Is Direct Mail Marketing Still an Effective Tactic in B2B Marketing?

    March 13,2015

    Posted by Brian Berg Google+

    In recent years a lot of the chatter in the business mailing list world has been centered on the growth of social media networks and the internet.  Some might be forgiven for thinking that the use of direct mail marketing has been all but forgotten in light of the newer tactical options.  Has the world of direct mail marketing suffered a killer blow from the rise of social media channels and the internet?  Or is there still a place for B2B direct marketing offerings?

    Well, some recently released information would suggest... Read More

  • Ethnic Mailing Lists and Telemarketing Lists can Boost ROI

    March 07,2015

    Posted by Brian Berg Google+

    Ethnic marketing leads can be a great way of improving your consumer mailing list results.  Ethnic marketing leads can help you to find the potential new customers who are most likely to use your products or services.  You can also use these ethnic leads to tailor your approach to each individual customer and to ensure that you are making full use of your marketing team’s skills and language abilities.

    The potential for using ethic leads to tailor direct marketing calls to a potential customer’s ethnicity, backgroun... Read More

  • Automobile Offer Letters are Ideal Direct Mail Marketing Piece for Dealerships

    February 27,2015

    Posted by Brian Berg Google+

    Targeted automobile mailing lists are the perfect lead generating and ROI producing marketing forum for an array of automotive offers especially for automotive dealerships.  For each targeted direct mail marketing campaign delivered, on average, thirteen incremental sales at a cost of just $112 per vehicle sold were produced by automotive dealerships.  This is almost 80% less than NADA’s current $616 estimate of the amount dealers typically spend advertising each car they sell.

    Most of a dealership’s marketing spends goes to... Read More

  • B2B Marketing Conversion Rates in 2015

    February 20,2015

    Posted by Brian Berg Google+

    We are huge fans of Patrick Spenner, a regular contributor to Forbes magazine that writes all things marketing including business mailing lists, B2B trends and digital/content marketing.  A recent good read was a post entitled “2015: The Year When B2B Marketers Stop Accepting Single Digit Conversion Rates”co-written by Mr. Spenner and Carl Schmidt. 

    The article played ... Read More

  • Cost, Efficiency and Targeting- Why Auto Dealers Love Direct Mail!

    February 13,2015

    Posted by Brian Berg Google+

    When it comes to auto dealer and automobile mailing list marketing, the rallying cry for “digital everything” is heard far and wide around the industry.   It started with 3rd party leads, PPC and then SEO.  Now there’s a need to invest in reputation management, social media, and mobile and customized apps.  All of this digital emphasis costs dealers big bucks, about 33% of their total marketing spend, according to NADA.  With dealers spending so much time and money driving consumers to their websites, they often forget o... Read More

  • Valentine's Data: What's Love Got to do, Got to do With It?

    February 12,2015

    Valentines Day Data 1
    Valentines Day Data 2
    Valentines Day Data 3
    Valentines Day Data 4

    Valentine’s Day. The Day of Love. If you have ever had a si... Read More

  • The Emergence of Martech in 2015-Part 1

    February 06,2015

    Posted by Brian Berg Google+

    We recently read an excellent article from Forbes by Patrick Spenner discussing B2C marketing trends in 2015.  While many yearly trend predictions are based on business mailing lists and general marketing, the trends released in this article relate more to techniques performed “behind the scenes.”    The trends presented by Patrick include:

    1) “The primary objective of marketing technology (martech) investments shifts from cost reduction in 2014 to building brand preference and purchase intent in 2015&rd... Read More

  • How to Create the Perfect Direct Mail Call to Action

    January 30,2015

    Posted by Brian Berg Google+

    In direct mail marketing through either a business or consumer mailing list; your offer (what recipients receive when they reply to you) is the key to generating a prompt response and timely sales.  Other than data selection and personalization, nothing has a greater impact on the success of a direct mail marketing effort than a simple, specific, easy-to-obtain offer.

    While offers can take many forms (free gift, discount, risk-free trial, free demo) relevancy is critical to success.  For example, a retailer aiming to attract cu... Read More

  • Incoming Data: Money, Food and Football

    January 30,2015

    In our 3rd addition of our 3 part series in looking at the numbers behind the Super Bowl, we arrive at income.  Sure, everyone loves chicken wings and we proved that Americans really love them during the Super Bowl.  Snack food consumed during the big game can be measured in tonnage, with 1,200 calories average per person while watching the game.  But looking at income is equally as interesting.  Heck, who doesn’t love money?

    Using one of our Consumer Marketing Databases, we examined the population breakdown of the “football spectator” by median income per state.  In doing so, we find that New Jersey scores as the highest median annual income of $85,202 for football viewers and West V... Read More

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