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  • How to Create the Perfect Direct Mail Call to Action

    January 30,2015

    Posted by Brian Berg Google+

    In direct mail marketing through either a business or consumer mailing list; your offer (what recipients receive when they reply to you) is the key to generating a prompt response and timely sales.  Other than data selection and personalization, nothing has a greater impact on the success of a direct mail marketing effort than a simple, specific, easy-to-obtain offer.

    While offers can take many forms (free gift, discount, risk-free trial, free demo) relevancy is critical to success.  For example, a retailer aiming to attract cu... Read More

  • Incoming Data: Money, Food and Football

    January 30,2015

    In our 3rd addition of our 3 part series in looking at the numbers behind the Super Bowl, we arrive at income.  Sure, everyone loves chicken wings and we proved that Americans really love them during the Super Bowl.  Snack food consumed during the big game can be measured in tonnage, with 1,200 calories average per person while watching the game.  But looking at income is equally as interesting.  Heck, who doesn’t love money?

    Using one of our Consumer Marketing Databases, we examined the population breakdown of the “football spectator” by median income per state.  In doing so, we find that New Jersey scores as the highest median annual income of $85,202 for football viewers and West V... Read More

  • Super Bowl Food Fight: Where Everything Goes to Waist

    January 28,2015


    Analyzing Snack Food Data


    Read More

  • What Do Data, The Super Bowl, and Chicken Wings Have in Common? Food For Thought

    January 27,2015

    FoodBowl Here at BB Direct, we love data. Data is the foundation for what we do. Data is everywhere, and can tell some crazy stories. Interpreting and analyzing data has become a huge industry, and businesses spend millions to decipher it and base decisions off of it.

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  • Big Data and Direct Mail in 2015

    January 23,2015

    Posted by Brian Berg Google+

    Direct mail marketers have been taking advantage of big data when compiling consumer and business mailing lists, since the marketing tool has become readily available.  Data is the new form of capital and 2015 will be the year of Big Data.  In 2015, we expect big data to affect marketing in the following ways:

    1. Corporate boardrooms will talk about data capital, not big data.  Data is as necessary for creating new products, services and ways of working as financial capital.  CEOs, this means securing ... Read More

  • The Decline of American Church Attendance

    January 16,2015

    Posted by Brian Berg Google+

    Understanding how to market to a religious group comes from understanding the current state of religion in the United States.  BB Direct works with businesses looking to market their goods or services to religious institutions, but also works directly with churches through consumer mailing list marketing campaigns to locate ideal prospects to increase attendance at their services.  This week’s BB Direct blog post takes a deep look at the current state of church attendance in the United States and teaches marketers how to better reach... Read More

  • Knowing Your Medical Professionals Can Increase Marketing Campaign Responses

    January 09,2015

    Posted by Brian Berg Google+

    There are hundreds, if not thousands of different types of medical jobs and millions of medical professionals in the US.  Marketing to a business mailing list of medical professionals can be a genuine revenue generating venture.  Healthcare is the largest industry, showing the highest amount of growth of any other field, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  Employing 14 million people in 2013, the healthcare industry is projected to add about three million more jobs by 2016, according to the BLS.

    Below are a few... Read More

  • What is Direct Marketing?

    January 07,2015


    What Is Direct Marketing?


    Direct marketing is a multi-faceted concept with a simple definition. The best way to articulate a direct marketing definition includes the mention of components such as customers and communication. Direct marketing is a measurable way of getting in touch with a potential customer without the use of a middle man. Direct marketing is also considered "direct" because it is an intimate, high-touch technique. The channels used for direct marketing, such as email, smartphones, printed mailers, are some of the most forthright ways to get in touc... Read More

  • The Changing Face of the Auto Industry

    January 02,2015

    Posted by Brian Berg Google+

    Automobiles make the world go round and marketing to automobile buyers through an automobile mailing list can put the world at a dealerships fingertips.  There are very few industries, or technologies for that matter, that can boast the kind of longevity that the automobile industry can-nearly 125 years, thanks to Henry Ford’s assembly line concept.  And for more than half a century, it was renowned for being ahead of the curve in most areas.  Previously synonymous with innovation, for using science to drive technology, for testing ... Read More

  • Postal Direct Mail Marketing Forecast for 2015

    December 24,2014

    Posted by Brian Berg Google+

    The direct mail and postal direct mail industry including consumer and business mailing lists is forecasted to have a stellar 2015!  According to Statista, the revenue for direct mail advertising in the United States grew from $10.8 billion dollars in 2009 to $12 billion dollars in 2014.  Businesses are getting very savvy about integrating and combining mailing data with other marketing channels.

    Although there is no doubt that marketing dollars have shifted towards digital in the last decade, most marketers conclude that with today... Read More

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