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Government Mailing Lists

Government Agency Database
Federal, State, County, & City Level
Base Price:  $65/M + Selects, Min. $150.00
259,000 + Contacts by Job Function
65,000 + Government Locations
Updated Monthly




The Government Mailing Lists Database is a unique database of city and county government officials with detailed department selections and dozens of specialized job functions. In addition to Level of Government, Seat of Government, Location and Population, you can select by a number  of valuable filters as shown below.


Departments   Specialized Jobs    
Administrative   City Clerk   First Selectman
Community Development   City Manager   Human Resources Director
Finance   Coroner   Information Technology Director
Judicial   County Clerk   Mayor
Public Service   County Commission Chair   Public Information Officer
Public Works   County Commission   Risk Manager
Elections Director   County Manager   Veterans Affairs Direct


With our Government Office Database, careful attention is placed on keeping the contact points within the various governmental posts current. A wrong name is a wasted piece of mail, but also a lost opportunity.

What is the best way to access the Government Database you ask?

You make that call!  Whether you're on the go and prefer to run your own counts and orders, or you would like the assistance of one of our list experts, help is just a click or phone call away.  To access our count and order system, simply visit www.BBDirectLeads.com, register for free and start building your list today. Or give us a call for at 866-501-6273. A real person answers the phone, really!

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