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Home Based Business Mailing List

One of the faster growing segments of new businesses is the Home Based Business. These businesses have an entirely different set of needs as compared to those businesses at a commercial location. The home based business database contains those businesses where the owner of the small business conducts business from home, via the internet, or from his/her car.  


Home Based Businesses buy differently, work differently, have specialized technology needs, and conduct their personal life differently due to having their career based primarily out of their home. The business owner buys differently than most other businesses as their business and home-life are somewhat blended.


Our Home Based Business file has a number of valuable selects for more granulated targeting. 


These additional selects are:


Employee Size   Location Type   Sales Volume
First Year in Business   Manufacturing at Location   SIC Code
Franchise Code Indicator    Minority Owned Business   Telephone Number
Gender   Owner's Ethnicity   Top Contact Name
Import/Export Business   Owns / Rents    Website URL
Legal Status   Public vs Private   Women Owned Business


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