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School Mailing List

School Database
Public, Private, & Catholic
Base Price:  $45/M+ Selects, Min. $150.00
117,000+ Contacts by Job Function
118,000 School Locations
Updated Monthly



With BB Direct’s School Database, your message can now reach more than 117,000 school decision makers at American public, private, and Catholic schools. Select your target audience using dozens of precision attributes and hundreds of job functions from Principal to Head Custodian to Pre-Kindergarten and Adult Education Teachers.


Our School Database features more than 15,000 public school districts, which include regular districts, area education service districts, and vocational districts. 


GEOGRAPHY: Select by mailing address or physical location using options including radius, zip, city, county, and state.


INSTITUTION: Select district personnel and locations using attributes such as type of school district, district features, enrollment, number of schools, and Title I Funding. 


CONTACT NAMES:  Select from dozens of job functions available including Superintendent, curriculum personnel, business personnel and support services personnel.


Our School Database contains 100% telephone-verified records of more than 200,000 school district decision makers. Select your target audience using precision attributes and job functions including Superintendent, Human Resources Director, Curriculum Director, Computer/Technology Director and dozens more.


To learn more about this and other targeted audiences, call us at (866) 501-6273 and one of our List Experts will be happy to help you.

What is the best way to access the School Database you ask?

You make that call!  Whether you're on the go and prefer to run your own counts and orders, or you would like the assistance of one of our list experts, help is just a click or phone call away.  To access our count and order system, simply visit www.BBDirectLeads.com, register for free and start building your list today. Or give us a call for at 866-501-6273. A real person answers the phone, really!

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