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Consumer Selects - Entire List

Active Living Home Improvement
  Scuba Diving   DIY Living
  Snow Skiing   High End Appliances
  Spectator - TV Sports   High Tech Living
  Spectator Sports - Auto / Motorcycle Racing   Home Furnishings / Decorating
  Spectator Sports - Baseball   Home Improvement
  Spectator Sports - Basketball   Home Improvement - Do-It-Yourselfers
  Spectator Sports - Football   Home Improvement Grouping
  Spectator Sports - Hockey   Home Living
  Spectator Sports - Soccer   Professional Living
  Spectator Sports - Tennis   Upscale Living
  Sports & Leisure    
  Sporty Living Household Demographic
  Tennis   Gender (Individual)
  Water Sports   Generations In Household
Age     Household Size
  Adult Age (2-year Increments)   Prem Number of Children
  Adult Age Ranges in HH   Prem Senior Adult
  Advertised Medicine Inquirers Propensity   Prem Young Adult
  Age Head Of HH - Premier Complete   Premier Children Age Ranges
  Age Head Of HH - Premier Complete Indicator   Premier Number of Adults
  Age HH (Age Head of Household)   Presence of Children
  Date of Birth    
  Date of Birth (Month) Insurance Renewals
  DOB (Select Year only)   Insurance Renews In January
      Insurance Renews In February
Ailment & Rx   Insurance Renews In March
  Brand Name Medicine Propensity   Insurance Renews In April
  RX - Online Search Propensity   Insurance Renews In May
      Insurance Renews In June
      Insurance Renews In July
      Insurance Renews In August
Apparel    Insurance Renews In September
  Apparel - Children's   Insurance Renews In October
  Apparel - Men's   Insurance Renews In November
  Apparel - Men's Big & Tall   Insurance Renews In December
  Apparel - Women's    
  Apparel - Women's - Petite Investments and Credit Cards
  Apparel - Women's - Plus Sizes   Investing / Finance Grouping
  Young Men's Apparel   Investments - Active
  Young Women's Apparel   Investments - Foreign
      Investments - Personal
Auto     Investments - Real Estate
  Automotive, Auto Parts & Accessories   Investments - Stocks/Bonds
  Motorcycling   ITA Score
  Newest Auto Loan Recency   Life Insurance Policy Owner
  Number of Vehicles   Number Of Credit Lines
  Off-Road Recreational Vehicles   Range of New Credit
  Open Auto Loans Range   Ranking Invitation to Apply Approvals
  Prem New Car Buyer   Revolving Bank Card Index
  Probable Teen Driver   Revolving Bank Card Range
  RV   Underbanked / Cash Transactor
  TV - Cable   Heavy Transactor
  TV - HDTV/Satellite Dish    
  TV - Satellite Dish Life Stage
  Vehicle - Dominant Lifestyle   Expectant Parent
  Vehicle - Intend To Purchase   Length of Residence
  Vehicle 1 - Year (1988 - Present)   Life Event - Child Nearing High School Graduation
  Vehicle 1 Make   Life Event - New Parent
  Vehicle 1 Model   Life Event - Recent Home Buyer
  Vehicle 2 - Year (1988 - Present)   Life Event - Recent Mortgage Borrower
  Vehicle 2 Make   Marital Status
  Vehicle 2 Model   Newlyweds
  Vehicle Type - 1st Vehicle   Parenting
  Vehicle Type - 2nd Vehicle   Recent Divorced
  Vehicle Verification Date - 1st Vehicle - Month   Single Parent
  Vehicle Verification Date - 1st Vehicle - Year    
  Vehicle Verification Date - 1st Vehicle - YYYYMM Mail Order
  Vehicle Verification Date - 2nd Vehicle - Month   Mail Order Buyer
  Vehicle Verification Date - 2nd Vehicle - Year   Mail Order Donor
  Vehicle Verification Date - 2nd Vehicle - YYYYMM   Mail Order Prescription Propensity
      Mail Responders
  Boat Owner Media Channel
  Boating / Sailing   Channel Preference Propensity - Internet
  Books & Magazines - Magazines   Channel Preference Propensity - Mail
      Channel Preference Propensity - Phone
Children   Media Channel Usage - Cell Phone
  Children`s Age Range (1 year)   Media Channel Usage - Daytime TV
  Children's Apparel - Infants & Toddlers   Media Channel Usage - Internet
  Children's Interests   Media Channel Usage - Magazine
  Children's Learning & Activity Toys   Media Channel Usage - Newspaper
  Children's Products - General   Media Channel Usage - Outdoor
  Children's Products - General - Baby Care   Media Channel Usage - Primetime TV
  Children's Products - General - Back-To-School   Media Channel Usage - Radio
      Media Channel Usage - Yellow Pages
Community / Charities    
  Community Reinvestment Act Code Nielson
  Donation/Contribution   Nielsen IPA
  Environmental Issues   Nielsen P$ycle
  InfoBase Investor Model - Highly Likely Investors   Nielsen P$ycle - Indicator
  InfoBase Investor Model - Likely Investors   Nielsen PRIZM Premier Household Segment Code
  Supports Animal Welfare Causes   Nielsen PRIZM Premier Household Segment Code Indicator
  Supports Art and Cultural Causes   Nielsen PRIZM Premier ZIP 4 Segment Code
  Supports Charitable Causes   Nielsen PRIZM Premier ZIP 4 Segment Code Indicator
  Supports Charitable Causes - Undefined    
  Supports Children's Causes Personicx Segmentation
  Supports Environment or Wildlife Causes   Personicx Classic - Refresh
  Supports Health Causes   Personicx Digital
  Supports International Aid Causes   Personicx Digital Groups
  Supports Political Causes   Personicx Digital Groups Indicator
  Supports Political Conservative Causes   Personicx Digital Indicator
  Supports Political Liberal Causes   Personicx Insurance Groups - Refresh
  Supports Religious Causes   Personicx Insurance Refresh Precision Indicator
  Supports Veteran's Causes   Personicx Lifestage Groups - Refresh
      Personicx Lifestage Refresh Precision Indicator
Connectivity   Personicx Refresh Precision Indicator
  Electronics & Computing - TV/Video/Movie Watcher    
  Electronics / Computers Grouping Pets and Animals
  Electronics, Computing & Home Office   Cat Owner
  eMail Prospect Flag   Dog Owner
  InfoTrend Cellular User Model   Equestrian
  InfoTrend International Long Distance User Model   Other Pet Owner
  InfoTrend Internet User Model   Pets
  InfoTrend Long Distance User Model    
  InfoTrend Optional Calling Services User Model Political
  Internet Connection Type   Political Party - (Individual)
  Online Purchase Indicator   Political Party - Head of Household
  PC DSL/High Speed User    
  PC Operating System Property & Mortgage
  Premier PC Owner   Available Home Equity (Premier)
  Presence of phone   Available Home Equity (RPA)
  Software Buyer   Census Median Home Value (hundreds)
  Technology Adoption Propensity Score   Dwelling Unit Size
  Telco Cordcutter Propensity   Expiration Date 1 (Loan Month)
  Telecommunications   Expiration Date 2 (Purchase Month)
  Telephone Number (where available)   Home Market Value
  Wireless - Cellular Phone Owner   Home Purchase Date
  Wireless - Product Buyer   Home Purchase Date (Month)
      Home Purchase Date (Month) RP
Cooking   Home Purchase Year
  Cooking - General   Homeowner/Renter
  Cooking - Gourmet   Homeowner/Renter - Premier Complete
  Cooking - Low Fat   Homeowner/Renter Flag
  Cooking / Food Grouping   Homeowner/Renter Flag - Premier Complete
      Homeowner/Renter Precision Indicator
Credit Card   Loan Date 1st
  Bank Card - Household   Premier Purchase Date of Home
  Bankcard Utilization Rate   Presence of Pool
  CC Indicator - Bank Card Holder   Real Property Detail (Specific Property Type)
  CC Indicator - Gas/Dept/Retail Card   Real Property Lender Type 1st
  CC Indicator - Premium GoldCard   Real Property Loan Amount 1st
  CC Indicator - T/E Card Holder   Real Property Loan-To-Value Range
  CC Indicator - Upscale Dept Stores   Real Property Property Type
  Credit Card - New Issue   Real Property Purchase Amount
  Credit Card Buyer - Unknown Type   Real Property Real Estate Investor
  Credit Card Use - Issuer - American Express - Gold/Premium   Real Property Year Built
  Credit Card Use - Issuer - American Express - Regular   Real Property Year Built Ranges
  Credit Card Use - Issuer - Discover - Gold/Premium    
  Credit Card Use - Issuer - Discover - Regular Reading
  Credit Card Use - Issuer - Gasoline or Retail Card - Gold/Pr   Reading - Audio Books
  Credit Card Use - Issuer - Gasoline or Retail Card - Regular   Reading - Best Sellers
  Credit Card Use - Issuer - Mastercard - Gold/Premium   Reading - Financial Newsletter Subscribers
  Credit Card Use - Issuer - Mastercard - Regular   Reading - General
  Credit Card Use - Issuer - Visa - Gold/Premium   Reading - Magazines
  Credit Card Use - Issuer - Visa - Regular   Reading - Religious / Inspirational
  Credit Card Users   Reading - Science Fiction
      Reading Grouping
Education and Occupation    
  Business Owner Retail
  Career   Retail - In Store Only Buyer
  Career Improvement   Retail Purchases - Most Frequent Category
  College Graduate   Sub-Types of Retail Activity
  Education of Selected Record   Value-Priced General Merchandise
  Education Online    
  Head HH Education RFM  
  HH Education Precision Indicator   RFM - Dollars Spent - April
  Occupation - Detail (Individual)   RFM - Dollars Spent - August
  Occupation of Selected Record   RFM - Dollars Spent - December
  Small Office-Home Office   RFM - Dollars Spent - February
      RFM - Dollars Spent - January
Ethnicity   RFM - Dollars Spent - July
  Assimilation Index - E-tech   RFM - Dollars Spent - June
  Country of Origin - E-tech   RFM - Dollars Spent - March
  Ethnic Code - E-tech   RFM - Dollars Spent - May
  Ethnicity Group Codes - E-tech   RFM - Dollars Spent - November
  Hispanic Language Preference   RFM - Dollars Spent - October
  Language Preference Code - E-tech   RFM - Dollars Spent - September
  Race Code   RFM - Last Offline Order Date (YYYYMM)
      RFM - Last Online Order Date (YYYYMM)
Exercise   RFM - Method Of Payment Total - Cash
  Exercise - Aerobic   RFM - Method Of Payment Total - Credit Card
  Exercise - Health Grouping   RFM - Method Of Payment Total - Retail Card
  Exercise - Running / Jogging   RFM - Number Of Orders - Low Scale Catalogs
  Exercise - Walking   RFM - Number Of Orders - Mid Scale Catalogs
      RFM - Number Of Orders - Upscale Catalogs
Faith     RFM - Offline Average Dollars Per Order
  Christian Families   RFM - Offline Dollars Spent
  Religious / Inspirational   RFM - Offline Number Of Orders
  Religious Affiliation Code - E-Tech   RFM - Offline Orders Quantity $1,000+
      RFM - Offline Orders Quantity $100 - $249.99
Food     RFM - Offline Orders Quantity $250 - $499.99
  Food - Vegetarian   RFM - Offline Orders Quantity $50 - $99.99
  Food - Wines   RFM - Offline Orders Quantity $500 - $999.99
  Foods - Natural   RFM - Offline Orders Quantity Under $50
      RFM - Offline Weeks Since Last Order
Gambling & Opportunity Seekers   RFM - Online Average Dollars Per Order
  Casino Gambling Propensity   RFM - Online Dollars Spent
  Money Seekers   RFM - Online Number Of Orders
  Sweepstakes / Contests   RFM - Online Orders Quantity $1,000+
      RFM - Online Orders Quantity $100 - $249.99
Gaming   RFM - Online Orders Quantity $250 - $499.99
  Games - Board Games / Puzzles   RFM - Online Orders Quantity $50 - $99.99
  Games - Computer Games   RFM - Online Orders Quantity $500 - $999.99
  Games - Video Games   RFM - Online Orders Quantity Under $50
  Gaming - Casino   RFM - Online Weeks Since Last Order
  Gaming - Lottery   RFM - Weeks Since Last Order
      RFM Catalog Buyer Frequency - Input Individual
Gardening   RFM Catalog Buyer Recency - Input Individual
  Gardening - Buying Activity Grouping    
  Gardening - Interest Grouping Semcasting Model
  Green Living   Charitable Giving Score - Semcasting
      Discretionary Income Index - Semcasting
Health and Diet   Discretionary Income Score - Semcasting
  Dieting / Weight Loss   Home Market Value Model - Semcasting
  Health - Allergy Related   Income Range Broad - Semcasting
  Health - Arthritis/Mobility   Income Range Premium - Semcasting
  Health - Cholesterol Focus   Life Insurance Purchase Propensity - Semcasting
  Health - Diabetic   Vacation Property Ownership Propensity - Semcasting
  Health - Disabled    
  Health - Homeopathic Travel
  Health - Organic Focus   Business Travel - Domestic - Have Taken
  Health - Orthopedic   Business Travel - Domestic - Would Enjoy
  Health - Senior Needs   Cruise Vacation Propensity Model
  Health & Beauty   Travel
  Health / Medical   Travel - Airline
  Smoking / Tobacco   Travel - Cruise Vacations
      Travel - Domestic
Hobbies & Interests   Travel - Family Vacations
  Arts & Antiques - Antiques   Travel - International
  Arts & Antiques - Art   Travel Grouping
  Aviation   Vacation Travel - International - Have Taken
  Beauty And Cosmetics   Vacation Travel - International - Would Enjoy
  Biking / Mountain Biking   Vacation Travel - RV
  Books & Music - Books   Vacation Travel - United States - Have Taken
  Books & Music - Books - Audio   Vacation Travel - United States - Would Enjoy
  Camping / Hiking    
  Collectibles - Antiques Weath
  Collectibles - Arts   Census Median Income (hundreds)
  Collectibles - Coins   Estimated Income
  Collectibles - General   Estimated Income - Narrow Ranges
  Collectibles - Sports Memorabilia   Estimated Income - Premier Complete
  Collectibles - Stamps   Estimated Income Precision Indicator
  Collectibles And Antiques Grouping   Estimated Residential Properties Owned
  Collector Avid   Income High Ranges
  Crafts   Market Decile
  Cultural / Artistic Living   NetWorth
  Current Affairs / Politics   NetWorth Gold
  History / Military    
  Home & Garden    
  House Plants    
  Hunting / Shooting    
  Interests & Passions - Collectibles    
  Interests & Passions - Crafts/Hobbies    
  Membership Clubs    
  Military Memorabilia/Weaponry    
  Military Veteran    
  Movie / Music Grouping    
  Movie Collector    
  Movies At Home    
  Music - Avid Listener    
  Music - Home Stereo    
  Music Collector    
  Musical Instruments    
  Photography & Video Equipment    
  Science / Space    
  Self Improvement    
  Sewing / Knitting / Needlework    
  Strange And Unusual    
  Theater / Performing Arts    
  Working Woman Indicator