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Dentists Mailing List

BB Direct’s Dentist Database is sourced from the American Dental Association’s master file of dentists. Whether dentists are members of the association or not, if they are a licensed dentist, they are on our database. The ADA captures their database via surveys, hospitals, specialty boards, both state and medical licenses, and publication mailings. There is not a more comprehensive dentist database.


Dentist Specialty Types


Dental Public Health   Oral Surgery   Periodontics
Endodontics   Orthodontics   Prosthodontics
General Dentistry   Pediatric Dentistry-Pedodontists Dental School Faculty


Additional Selects


Age   Geo Select   Phone Number
Degree   Graduation School   Place of Employment
Dental School   Graduation Date   Practice Type


This is a great list for a number of popular offers to include:  continuing education and training, seminars, uniforms, financial investment, marketing, and many others.