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Donors Mailing List

Fundraising Contributors

Consumer, Political, Environmental Appeals



BB Direct’s Donor and Contributor Database is an ever evolving database of people who’ve proven to give to a variety of appeals. Selectable by the type of affinity, our donor file contains names and addresses of people not found on many other contributor lists. 



Charitable Causes  International Aid 
Animal Welfare  Political 
Art or Cultural  Political - Conservative 
Children's Causes  Political - Liberal 
Environment or Wildlife  Religious Causes 
Health  Veteran's Causes


Some of the more common affinities are donors who give to Animal Welfare, Arts and Culture, Children Appeals, Environmental, Political, Religious, Veteran’s and Health causes. Whether you manage a foundation with ongoing contribution campaigns, or are starting a fundraiser in your local community, talk to one of our list experts to evaluate the right list for you.


In addition to marketing to proven donors of one appeal or another, many non-profit marketers include additional filters to selecting potential givers. When developing your criteria set, consider elements such as age, income, net worth, geographic proximity, presence and age of children, multi-donor, size of donation, and political party affiliation.




You may want to also consider our non-profit database analytics. If you have a database of proven contributors and would like to find more, consider one of our database modeling products. We would be happy to provide a no obligation account review with one of our analytics team members.


To learn more about this and other targeted audiences, call us at (866) 501-6273 and one of our List Experts will be happy to help you with your next campaign.

What is the best way to access the Donors Mailing List you ask?

You make that call!  Whether you're on the go and prefer to run your own counts and orders, or you would like the assistance of one of our list experts, help is just a click or phone call away.  To access our count and order system, simply visit www.bbdirectleads.com, register for free and start building your list today. Or give us a call for at 866-501-6273. A real person answers the phone, really!

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