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Pharmacists Mailing List

Our Pharmacists Database includes state licensed pharmacists within every state of the United States. Our database is then enhanced to provide a more complete picture of this population occupation segment. Experts in prescription drugs, drug therapies, and the care and use of  controlled substances, Pharmacists make an excellent choice when seeking to market to an educated audience.


Our database is also enhanced with a variety of selects so that you can further hone in on this valuable target audience. 


Further selects include:


Age   Homeowner   Nurse Type
Age of Children   Income   Phone Number
Contributors/Donors   Income Producing Assets   Religion
Credit Card Buyers   Length of Residence   Specialty
Dwelling Type   Lifestyle Interests   Sports Interest
Ethnicity   Mail Order Buyers   State of Licensure
Gender/Sex   Marital Status   Travel Interests
Health & Fitness   Networth    


BB Direct’s Pharmacists File is updated in a variety of ways to include passing against the National Change of Address, DNC scrubbed every 30 days, and is 100% Delivery Point Verified (DPV) to ensure highest deliverability.


To learn more about this and other targeted audiences, call us at (866) 501-6273 and one of our List Experts will be happy to help you.