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Physicians Mailing List

The American Medical Association (AMA) Database is the largest and most up-to-date doctor database of its kind.  It includes both members and non-members of the AMA with complete coverage of the United States. Select from a wide range of selects such as Physician Specialty Type, Board Certification, and Type of Practice, and much more.


Complete list of selects:


Age   Group Affiliation   Primary & Secondary Specialty
Birth State   Hospital Affiliation   Recruitment - Locum Tenens
Board Certification   Licensure Date   Recruitment - Willing To Relocate
Date of Birth   Licensure State   Recruitment-Acitivities & Interests
E-Mail   Medical School Attended   Training State
Employment Type   Medical Training Status   Type Of Practice
Fax Numbers   Office Type   Year Of Graduation
Gender/Sex   Phone Numbers    


If you’re looking to connect with current licensed physicians and need more granulated and accurate data, BB Direct’s Licensed Physicians is the one to use.


To learn more about this and other targeted audiences, call us at (866) 501-6273 and one of our List Experts will be happy to help you.