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Reseller Program

Grow Your List Revenue


The vast majority of BB Direct’s customers are long standing list resellers in one form or another. That’s why we’ve built our business model around the needs of the reseller customer.  Doing so supports your efforts to provide quality direct marketing data so list revenue grows and customers become more loyal.


When you become a BB Direct Reseller Partner, we’ll devote all our resources and talent to making your job easy, your data accurate, while offering it at an affordable price.


·         One-Stop Shop - Whether you need an occasional list count and order for that one customer, or you require a dedicated partner that understands your customers, anticipates your unique data requirements, and can help train your staff, we are your One-Stop Shop.


·         Wholesale Pricing We win most of our reseller customers on price alone, but keep them on product and service. Call and comparewhat we can do for you.  You’ll be surprised at how much you can save with BB Direct.


·         Dedicated Team Contacts BB Direct offers both a primary and secondary contact pointso that your pressing questions are answered quickly and you have more sets of eyes on task. 


·         Keeping You Informed We keep our finger on the pulseof the data industry so you don’t have to. From new files and compilation to technology and the rules around data use, we’ve got you covered.


·         Multi-Point Access - Need a quick count while driving from an appointment, or want to run your own counts from home after hours? We make our most popular databases available online, but also take requests from clients via phone, email, or smoke signal (smoke signal communication not recommended).


·         Online Affiliate Program - Want to give your clients online access? Ask about our online affiliate program.


·         Free Training and Consultation - Learn from the best.  Our team is dedicated to your success.  Call us to schedule training on any aspect of the data products we sell or the technology we offer. We're here to help.


BB Direct is devoted to your success and continually updates our product lines so you can focus on your customers. Need something you don’t see? Just ask. In an industry that’s constantly changing, we want to hear from you, learn about your challenges, and do what we can to help you succeed.