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Unstructured Data Advantage


The Interactive Data Corporation (IDC) estimates that by 2020, the digital universe will contain more than 40 zettabytes of data.  That’s 40,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 bytes.  And they also estimate that 90 percent of what we call “big data” is unstructured data. 

Unstructured Data = E-mail, Tweets, electronic documents, video, audio files, web pages, blogs, and news articles.  All this content and all it’s associated metadata falls into what we call Unstructured Data.  Almost all the data we produce in a digital world is unstructured. 

While most programmatic marketing platforms serve up targeted display advertising to segments of the online population, we’re able to sift thru these segments and serve relevant display advertising to very specific targets.  We’re not limited to “pre-canned” segments, rather, we’re able to pinpoint only key online audience targets through our unique mix of digital tactics.


Since the early 1990’s, most all digital advertising grouped the online population into broadly defined segments.  The technology and processing power to mine unstructured data was simply not yet developed.  So, the only option was to target by prepackaged audience segments.  In this case the data source was unknown and there was limited insight into recency of intent or action.

We’re now able to delve much deeper into the available pool of the online population and sift through the unstructured data like never before.  At BB Direct, our direct data network enables us to unscramble the segmented data and hone in on very pinpointed prospects based on recency, search criteria, behavior and contextual keywords.  This advancement better focuses your digital marketing investment for maximum Return On Ad Spend (ROAS).