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Annual NCOA - Unlimited


Available via Monitored FTP


Do you regularly require NCOA processing for your postal lists?  If so, you may want to consider BB Direct’s unlimited use NCOA and ANK Link process.  Simply drop your .csv formatted files onto the FTP site.  Wait a few minutes*, then return and retrieve your NCOA and ANK Link processed files.  It's just that simple and easy.


~ Just drop the files in and return for and retrieve processed files.

~ All returned files include mailing documentation in PDF format.

~ File size Range:  200 - 500,000 records




How many times have you heard, "rest assured your files are protected"?  Your files are encrypted for maximum protection.  As we all know, very little is protected in our time.  But the truth is, it's more likely that someone picks the safe in your back office and steals your passwords.  Customer files are incredibly valuable and in the wrong hands, could be devastating to the competitive advantage of that business.  We encourage all users to manage your file library by the recommend sortation order located below.


* Most files under 100,000 records are processed under 10 minutes.  However, some files can take up to 45 minutes and longer.