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BB Direct’s Opt-In Consumer Email List includes acquisition email broadcasts, consumer email append and reverse append, as well as email verification. Email marketing has fast become a staple ingredient in our clients overall online marketing initiatives. Additionally, the complexity of this medium is on the rise, making it helpful for marketing professionals to partner with providers like BB Direct to manage their campaigns to maximize their effectiveness. 


Practicing Permission Based Email Consumer marketing campaigns involves sending promotional emails to only prospects and customers that have requested such correspondence.  This type of marketing campaign is considered a best practice as sending unsolicited emails can cause your business to be labeled as a spammer, lose marketing dollars, and blemish your reputation. Additionally, permission based or opt-in email campaigns produce a much higher open and conversion rate than unsolicited email campaigns. 


Do you want to reach out to new prospects using permission based email?  Do you need help identifying the best, most responsive target audience? Is your customer database lacking email addresses? If your marketing initiative is lacking an email component, we can help.


Contact a permission based email consumer marketing specialist at BB Direct at (866) 501-6273.