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  • What Our Clients Say
    My experiences with the BB Direct team are consistently exceptional. I appreciate the attention to detail, in making sure that our customers mail list needs are met, to produce the best possible rate of return on their mailings. Their proactive communication and service are second to none. You can count on BB Direct for all of your mail list needs! - Steve C., A+ Letter Service
  • Our Clients Believe
    I wanted to sincerely thank you for being so responsive and detailed with the data you've provided! I appreciate your expertise and diligence. - Brian M., The Baltimore Sun Media
  • Words From Our Clients
    BB Direct helped us tremendously with our database enhancement needs, directly impacting our ability to meet our business objectives. They are responsive, efficient, and on point. Thank you! - Tory F., University of Chicago
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Direct Mail and Email List Solutions That Get You Results

Your direct mail list is the most important part of your direct mail campaign. Our list broker experts help you tailor lists beyond basic demographics to put your message into the hands of truly potential consumers.

Consumer and Business Mailing Lists

Consumer and Business Mailing Lists

Mailing lists from BB Direct provide brand marketers, agencies, and list resellers clean, accurate data at a very competitive price. Our compiled consumer mailing lists, homeowner mailing lists, business mailing lists, professional mailing lists, automotive mailings, email mailing lists, and general direct mail lists are precisely targeted with selectable filters that allow marketers to build their ideal email, phone, or direct mail campaign list.

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Data Enhancement Services

Today’s consumers demand more personalization. Database Append services from BB Direct can help you better engage your current customers and increase their lifetime value by updating and enhancing your mail, email, and phone lists with demographic, lifestyle, and buying behaviors. For most companies, it’s a most cost effective and profitable to retain a loyal customer than to acquire a new one. We can help!

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Data Hygiene Services

Old and outdated customer data costs you money. From print quantities to excess postage or worse, fines for DNC violations; data inaccuracies like outdated contact lists, duplicate customers, inaccurate or wrong contact information cost your campaign money. Data Hygiene services from BB Direct ensures you have the most deliverable mailing list at the time of drop.

The BB Direct Difference

Mailing List & Database Experts
Mailing List & Database Experts

We’ll not only create the ideal new prospect mailing list, we’ll help you clean and maintain your current customer list. Accurate data and fresh consumer insights will help you gain loyal customers month after month.

Accurate Mailing Lists at Competitive Prices
Accurate Mailing Lists at Competitive Prices

Your campaign’s success depends on how precisely you can identify and target potential consumers. Our industry experts help you create the perfect list that will provide you the best ROI for the best price possible.

Exceptional Customer Service
Exceptional Customer Service

We are always happy to provide assistance and recommendations for reaching more consumers. Our goal is to help you improve your campaign performance using the best consumer insights possible.