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Get Ahead with BB Direct’s Business Mailing List!

Successful B2B sales prospecting starts with the right mailing list. And a carefully crafted list of business prospects will deliver quality leads to your sales team. You don’t have to be a direct marketing data expert to build a better list. Simply start with BB Direct’s Business to Business Database and follow our 5 Steps to Building a Targeted B2B Mailing List.

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What Makes Our B2B File Stronger?

Database with Most Contact Names by Title

BB Direct’s Business Mailing List has more Executives by title than any other B2B Database available. With more than 33 million Executive Decision Makers in 22 million businesses, we’ve got you covered. Complete list of Executives by Title.

High Quality, Updated and Accurate Data

Updated every 30 days, our Business Database gives you access to the freshest file of potential new B2B customers than any other. As with all our mailing lists, our Business Database is scrubbed to ensure both accuracy and provide the highest deliverability.

More Selects for Fine Tuning Your Prospect List

With more filters to create your prospect list, you can narrow down your B2B sales leads like never before.

More Postal Addresses, Phone Numbers, and Email Addresses

We take pride in providing the most deliverable mailing addresses, the cleanest business phone numbers and email addresses available. Connecting the right decision maker has never been easier.

Exceptional Customer Support

Call Us Now! We would like to help you design your B2B Mailing List of Prospects and keep your sales team focused on good leads. Need help running your own counts/orders online? No problem! Let us demonstrate the online tool. It’s easy and available 24/7.

Most Popular Selects

  • Accounting Expense
  • Foreign Parent Flag
  • Payroll Expense
  • Actual Employees
  • Gender
  • Purchase Mgmt/Admin Svc Expense
  • Actual Sales
  • Government Flag
  • Purchased Print Expense
  • Ad Size Code
  • High Income Exec Flag
  • Rent & Leasing Expense
  • Advertising Expense
  • High Tech Business Flag
  • Sales Volume
  • Attorney Cuisine Code
  • Import Export Flag
  • Square Footage
  • Bank Asset Code
  • Insurance Expense
  • Subsidiary
  • Company Holding Status
  • Legal Expense
  • Technology Expense
  • Contract Labor Expense
  • Location Employee Size
  • Telecommunications Expense
  • Corporate Employee Size Code
  • Location Sales Volume
  • Title Code
  • Corporate Output Volume Code
  • Multi-Tenant Code
  • Utilities Expense
  • Cottage Code
  • Multi-Tenant Number
  • Vendor Ethnicity
  • Credit Alpha Score
  • Number Employees
  • Vendor Language
  • Credit Cards Accepted
  • Office Equipment Expense
  • Vendor Religion
  • Date In Database
  • Office Size Code
  • Wealth Code
  • Email Flag
  • One Per/All Per Company or Phone
  • Web Site Flag
  • Employee Size Code
  • Own Or Lease
  • White Collar
  • Female Exec Flag
  • Package/Container Expense
  • Year Established

5 Steps to Building the Most Targeted B2B Mailing List

Step 1 - Define Your Target Geographic Market

We make it easy to create the boundaries of your target geographic market by offering a wide variety of geographic selects.

Choose from a list of:

  • Carrier Routes or Zip Codes
  • Cities or Counties
  • Radius by Distance or Drive-Time
  • Custom-drawn Polygon within our easy-to-use Mapping Tool

You will want to also consider the natural boundaries like lakes, rivers, mountains, or highway systems that can deter customers from visiting your store location.

Other Geographic Considerations

  • Does your business require a license to do business in the County or State?
  • Where is your competition located?
  • What is the ideal delivery range of your delivery fleet?
  • How far are your customers willing to travel to shop at your store?

These questions help you properly define the boundaries of your geographic territory. Doing so will save time and expense in marketing to less-than-ideal B2B prospects.

Step 2 – Select Your Ideal Business Categories

What types of businesses do your current customers look like? Are they all within agriculture or manufacturing? Are they retail shoe stores or Certified Public Accounting Firms? Or are they a variety of businesses?

SIC Code - Standard Index Classification Code

The SIC Code is a numerical code assigned by the U.S. government to business establishments to identify the primary business of the establishment.

NAICS Code - North American Industry Classification System

The NAICS Code is used by businesses and governments to classify and measure economic activity in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Targeting Your Best Business Prospects

B2B marketers use the SIC Code to quickly narrow their search among all businesses within their market territory that are most responsive.

Omitting Less Than Ideal Businesses

Use the SIC codes to easily remove certain businesses that are less than ideal. This could include your competitor’s other industry segments that simply will not respond to your advertisement.

Version Your Marketing Message to Your Customer Segments

Knowing the SIC Code of your prospect helps you craft the right message. If you’re targeting more than one SIC Code, you can tailor your message to each of those SIC Code segments. Use the SIC Code to better understand the prospects business challenges, and then offer solutions that address those challenges.

Step 3 – Evaluate the Business Size

Sales Revenue or Number of Employees

With either the Sales Revenue or Number of Employee Select, marketers can narrow their target audience the size of the business prospects.

  • Do your products or services better serve the mid-sized businesses of between 100 and 500 employees?
  • Is your business goal to expand in the smaller business prospect segment of those with less than 5 employees?

Head Quarter, Branch, and Single Site Location

  • Even though a B2B prospect branch location may reside in your in your market territory, the Decision Maker may be located at the HQ, completely across the country.
  • Likewise, Those Single Site Location businesses (mom & pop shops) may be your best target audience for your business offerings.

Fine-Tuning Your Message

Because most businesses function differently, your message should be tuned to the size of the business you are targeting. A multi-location business will have very different needs than a smaller single location establishment. The message want to communicate should be appropriate for the business size.

Step 4 – Is the Buying Decision Team Based?

Survey Your Existing Customers

Ask they how they make decisions on purchasing your product. Is the decision to buy team based? Who is involved with this decision process? Which titled have the ultimate buying authority? Typically, the higher the purchase price, the more people involved.

Primary Decision Makers vs. Influencers

Often, key decision makers are influenced by other members of their organization. We recommend mailing all more than one decision maker to ensure you are reaching the whole team. Another big advantage with BB Direct’s Business Mailing List is that it has more decision makers than other business databases.

Step 5 – Fine Tune Your B2B Prospect Database

Replicating Your Best Customers

The more you know about your existing customers, the better you’ll be in finding new ones. Talk to your BB Direct Mailing List Expert to learn how to easily profile your existing customer database.

What do they look like as compared to other, similar “non-customers”? There may be minor nuances that can greatly affect the overall response rates of your direct marketing campaign.

Segmenting Your Prospect List

With BB Direct’s Business Database, you will be able to quickly segment your prospect list into naturally occurring subsets. You can then craft better messages to each segment and boost response.

Other Important Considerations

Primary SIC Code vs Secondary SIC Code

Each US Business is assigned an SIC Code. But many have a secondary SIC Code as well. This happens when a business works in multiple but related business categories. Your BB Direct List Expert can help you determine which approach is right for you.

One Contact Per Location vs All Contacts Per Location

Sometimes it’s not obvious which Contact Title is your ideal decision maker. We can help you determine when it makes sense to mail to more than one business title at the same location.

Existing Customer Suppression

Have a customer list already? If so, we can easily suppress those existing customers from new prospects.

Existing Customer Profiling

Use your existing customer database to find new prospects. There is a wealth of valuable information you can use within your existing customer list. Let us show you how!

Title Slug Your Mail Piece

Sometimes it’s smarter to Title Slug the mailing address, rather than print the first and last name. Title slugging maximizes the chances of getting the message to the right decision maker.

Mailing List Costs

Want a quick quote? Talk to one of our Mailing List Experts about your business and how you intend to use our data. We can help you reduce your cost and increase the return on your marketing investment.

Additional Unique Business Selects

Advertising Expense

For B2B marketers who want to target businesses based on their advertising expenditures, our Business Database allows you to select businesses who purchased advertising and promotional services for media coverage, promotional, marketing, public relations services, and other advertising services purchased from others. The expense ranges are based upon industry and size.

Company Holding Status

This select indicates if a business is a public company, private company, or a branch location.

Contract Labor Expense

The Contract Labor Expense (CLC) indicates payments to other firms for the contractual use of their employees. These employees are supplied by other firms to perform specific jobs, and include temporary help and leased employees, estimation of annual expense based upon industry and size.

Cottage Code

The Cottage Code select enables Business to Business marketers to target small businesses that are operated out of a home (Works at Home). This is a great select for all sorts of offers that help small businesses to operate and grow their business, while running the business from a residential location.

Credit Alpha Score

This select is an attempt at providing marketers a way to target businesses based on a commercial credit score. While a model, this select can be very helpful for B2B products and services that be ultimately require financing.

Filing Flag

The Filing Flag select is basically a flag that indicates if a business has public record data.

Fleet Size

Fleet size is a select that helps marketers target businesses that transport products or supplies and have a fleet of transport vehicles. This Business Database select enables businesses with a vehicle fleet by size.

Import Export Flag

If your business markets products or services to businesses that that either Import goods or export goods, this select identifies those businesses.

Multi-Tenant Code

This select indicates a code for the number of businesses within a given building.

Office Equipment Expense

This select includes the cost of other supplies, materials and parts purchased for a firm’s own use, excluding computer and packaging supplies. It estimates the annual expense based upon industry and size.

Own vs Lease

Many direct marketers want to identify businesses that either own or lease the building or unit of building they occupy. For this we can use the Own vs Lease select.

Package/Container Expense

This select estimates the purchases of containers, wrapping, packing and selling supplies used in packaging, processing, shipping, and selling of goods. This estimation of annual expense is based upon both industry and size.

Purchase Management/Administrative Service Expense

Whether it be management, consulting, administrative, or other professional services, this select estimates the purchase of these services from other firms, excluding advertising, legal, accounting and computer services. This select is an estimation of annual expense based upon industry and size.

Vendor Language

For companies needing to either select or exclude by primary language spoken at that business, this select is used.

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