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226,000 Monthly New Homeowners
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New Homeowner Mailing List for Sale | New, Updated & Current Files - newhomeowner

BB Direct New Homeowner Mailing List: Reach Consumers When They Are Spending Most – At Moving Time

There’s no better time to mail to a homeowner than when the home is new to them. BB Direct’s New Homeowner mailing list is the largest database of accurate and up-to-date new homeowners available. Additionally, we are able to select from many of the traditional consumer attributes to further define this responsive direct mail audience.

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Customize Your New Homeowner Mailing List with Demographic Selects:

Use the information you know about your best customers to build a new homeowner mailing list with the demographics of people most likely to purchase your product or service.

Homeowner Type

  • Age Head of Household
  • Education
  • Gender 
  • Hispanic Language Preference
  • Marital Status 
  • Number of Children
  • Presence of Children 
  • Race Code
  • Income Narrow Ranges -Est HH 
  • Telephone Number

Property Type

  • Building Square Foot Indicator
  • Finished Square Foot Total
  • Home Market Value
  • Trust Flag
  • Year Built
  • Presence of Pool

Loan Type

  • Loan Amount
  • Loan Interest Rate Type
  • Loan Transaction Type
  • Purchase Amt/Transaction Value
  • Purchase/Loan Date
  • Quitclaim Flag
  • Seller-Carry-Back Flag
Source Verified Results - Premium Auto File Comparison Study

Direct Mail is the Best Way to Introduce Your Business to New Homeowners in the Community 

A home purchase represents an important life event. Buying habits are predictable and expected as new homeowners spend far more within the first 2 years of home ownership than the average consumer. From household furnishings, landscaping, and repair to financial products and entertainment, new homeowners represent a strong buying population segment.
In any given metro, realtors are selling both new and used homes every day.  As the ownership of these homes is recorded with the local county courthouse, the names and addresses of these new homeowners are added to our file. The “publish” date of the records represents the date the transaction was added to the New Homeowner file.

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Do you have questions about our new homeowner marketing list or any other mailing list? We would like to help. Whether you are new to direct mail marketing, or just want to be sure you’ve got all your bases covered, BB Direct’s friendly mailing list experts are here to help you make your next direct mail campaign a success. Please just ask!

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