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DSF Link Process
DSF Link Process

How the DSF Link Process Reduces Costs Print, Mail, and Postage

When is DSF Link Process Worth It?  Answer:  Always! In fact, it’s never not worth the cost of processing your mail file thru the Delivery Sequence File Link Process.  The cost of this process is always less than the savings in mailing to people who will never get your mail.

The Delivery Sequence File (DSF) Link Process scores your mailing address database by assigning a value to the deliverability of the address. Though this process doesn’t correct records, it does allow you to choose which records are best to mail. Mailing only to the best addresses WILL increase the deliverability of your database to 99.5% allowing your business to use the marketing budget wisely.

Many Customers Choose a DSF Link Process To:

  • Determine seasonal addresses
  • Classify addresses that have been vacant for over 90 days
  • Sort addresses as a business or residence
  • Locate addresses that are part of an educational institution (i.e. colleges and universities)
  • Determine if mail is delivered to a door slot or curbside mailbox
  • Increase value of existing mailing list or in-house database

Get Started

Get Postal Discounts by Performing a DSF Link Process 

Performing a DSF Link Process to your database will put the list in walk sequence order and allow your campaign to qualify for postal mailing discounts. Our DSF processing is compliant with all regulations set forth within the USPS Domestic Manual. We recommend that along with a DSF service, that your database also be run through NCOA processing for updating to increase the overall accuracy of your data file.
The effectiveness of your campaign is dependent on getting your message to the people it is intended to reach.  Take advantage of BB Direct’s DSF Link Process and ensure your mail and message is delivered.  You may also want to consider our NCOA (National Change Of Address) Link Process.  This process will correct any addresses where the people have moved.

Create Stronger Campaign Strategies with a Better Customer Database

BB Direct’s DSF Link service provides valuable information about your current customers so you can create stronger, more engaging, and more effective campaigns.

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