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Consumer Mailing List

Targeted Responsive Consumers

Demographics, Behavior Interests, Predictive Buyers
Base Price: $40/M + Selects, Min. $150.00
214MM Individuals at 142MM Households
Updated Monthly
File Completely Rebuilt Every 60 Days
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Consumer Mailing List

Consumer Mailing List: How BB Direct Helps You Reach More Buyers

A Consumer Mailing List from BB Direct connects businesses with their best new customers. Using key demographic and behavioral interest selects, direct marketers easily target prospects with the greatest likelihood to respond to their offers.  Follow the steps below and see how to better understand the consumers within your market, target those ideal prospects, and boost your direct marketing response with the most accurate consumer mailing list possible.

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Our Most Popular Consumer List Selects:

The consumer mailing list experts at BB Direct improve your campaign’s ROI by first, understanding the consumers within your market, then targeting those ideal prospects, to boost your direct marketing response. Here are some of the more popular filters we use to narrow down your best target audience and create a current consumer mailing list. They include demographics, behavioral interests, life events, and property ownership.

Demographic Selects

  • Age
  • Children by Age
  • Education
  • Ethnicity
  • Gender
  • Income
  • Marital Status
  • Religion
  • and many more

Behavioral Interests

  • Camping/Hiking
  • Cooking - Gourmet
  • Equestrian
  • History/Military
  • Home Improvement
  • Snow Skiing
  • Spectator-TV Sports
  • Woodworking
  • and many more

Life Event

  • College Graduate
  • Empty Nesters
  • Expectant Parent
  • Home Purchase
  • Newlyweds
  • New Teen Driver
  • Recently Divorced
  • Travel/Vacation
  • and many more

Property Ownership

  • Dwelling Type
  • Home Value
  • Homeowner/Renter
  • Lender Type
  • Length of Residence
  • Loan Amount
  • Purchase Amount
  • Year Built
  • and many more
Source Verified Results - Premium Auto File Comparison Study

A Consumer Mailing List Targets Buyers Most Like Your Best Customers

We help you identify the key demographics that your best customers have in common. Then we build an accurate mailing list using the most current consumer data possible. 

A BB Direct consumer mailing list is popular for many offers including new cars, debt renegotiation, attorneys, restaurants, home services, and many other local offers. Direct mail is one of the most consistently successful methods of advertisement for those with disposable income and those who are looking to improve their lives.

Optimizing your Consumer List Targeting

3 Steps to Create an Accurate Mailing List with Precise Audience Targeting

Step 1– Identify Your Geo-Market Territory

How do you describe your market territory? Is it a radius around a store location? A list of zip codes, or a few counties? Consider how far your best customers will travel to shop with you.  If you would like help, we’ll be glad to help you better identify this boundary. Give us a call to discuss the many ways to define your geo-market footprint.  

Step 2– Use Selects To Describe Your Ideal Target Audience

Start by building a demographic profile of the population within your market territory. The easiest way is to ask yourself how you would describe your existing best customers. What do your best customers have in common? Are they typically of similar age and/or income? Are they young families who own their home? What are their behavioral interests? This step is essential to building your ideal prospect list so if you’re new to direct marketing, please call us to discuss how to best target your prospective consumer list.

With the geography and selects identified, we’ll provide you with a “count” which tells you exactly how many consumer mailing address records we have on the consumer database. We can also suppress your existing customers so you’re not mailing to consumers who already know you.

Step 3– Ordering Your List

With your geography and selects, we will provide you with a “count” of how many consumers there are within your geo-market. You can generate your own count online, or we’ll do it for you. This process is usually a few minutes to an hour or so.

To order, simply tell us if you’d like to order to all prospective consumers available in the count, or only a portion of these records. We can place this order for you, or you can order online yourself if you’d like. Typically, your most current consumer mailing list will be emailed to you as an email attachment.

Get Consumer Marketing List Help Now

Do you have questions about our consumer marketing list or any other mailing list? We would like to help. Whether you are new to direct mail marketing, or just want to be sure you’ve got all your bases covered, BB Direct’s friendly mailing list experts are here to help you make your next direct mail campaign a success. Please just ask!

Talk To Us About Your Consumer Marketing List Needs

BB Direct answers frequently asked questions about Consumer Mailing Lists

How long does it take to receive a current consumer mailing list?
The vast majority of list orders are emailed to our clients within 60 minutes or less. Some requests are sourced from 3rd party databanks and require more time to fulfill the order.  Counts for orders are quick too.  Again, it all just depends on which databank platform we're using to access your count.
How many times can I mail to the consumer list?
The consumer mailing list is rented, so you are renting it for a one-time mailing within a period of 12 months.  A multi-use option is also available and to be used within a period of 12 months from order date.  Multi-use pricing is twice the base price plus the additional select fees.
What format does the consumer mailing list come in?
By default, we will send you the list as an attachment in an email and it will come as a .csv, which opens easily in MS Excel and is widely acceptable for most mail service providers. Call us if you need a different format, we'll be happy to help if we can.
Can I suppress my own customers from a newly ordered consumer list?
Yes, provide us with your customer list and we will suppress it from your count before ordering.  If using our mailing list order platform,, you can easily upload your list at the count stage to eliminate any matching data.
Do I own the consumer list when I order it?
You technically do not own the list you order.  You rent it for a one-time use or multi-use for marketing purposes.  However, when mailing these records, anyone responding to your mail piece, whether calling, emailing, or coming into your store in purchase, you then own that record.
Can I get an email list with my consumer mailing list purchase?
This is a great question.  Technically, we can output the email addresses, where available.  However, it's difficult to get your HTML message into their inbox unless you have a prior relationship with that consumer.  In fact, you're prohibited from uploading purchased consumer records into a typical retail email deployment platform.  Platforms like Constant Contact and Mail Chimp has strict rules against emailing to 3rd party lists.  You would have to upload to your own email system to get the emails sent.  And again, if you don't have a prior relationship with this person, likely your email will end up in their junk fold. As an alternative, we offer a deployment service.  When you order a consumer postal list, ask how many records have email and have us email them for you.  You supply us with the HTML creative and we deploy to them on your behalf.
Can I get phone numbers on the consumer list?
Yes, but we only release phone numbers that are not on the Do Not Call Registry. DNC Registry requirements apply.  The number of available/callable phones on the Consumer Database is around 10% of the total.

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