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Resident Occupant Mailing List

Reach Every Household

Saturation, Walk-Sequence
Complete Coverage, Maximum Postal Discount
Base Price:  $10/M, Min. $150.00
142MM Seasonally Adjusted Addresses
Updated: Monthly


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Consumer Mailing List

Resident Occupant List: Reach Every Person In Your Surrounding Market And At The Lowest Cost

Businesses like restaurants, grocery stores, and retail shopping can all use a custom resident occupant mailing list to reach everyone in their market territory, rather than a targeted segment of that territory. A Resident Occupant Mailing List is a geographic mailing list and is ideal for businesses that serves the greater community and wants to generate “foot-traffic” to their door.

What Makes Resident Occupant Mailings Special?

Maximum Coverage

Put your offer in front of everyone in the neighborhoods surrounding your store location.  The res/occ list contains every delivery point so you never miss a prospect.  This “saturation” type mailing will also qualify your mailing for the maximum postal discount.  

So long as the saturation level is above 90%, you’ll qualify for the highest postal discount.

Walk-Sequence Sortation

In addition to saturating each route of your mailing, the list is also provided in walk-sequence.  This sortation eliminates the need for the postal service to sort the mail which saves them time and you money.

Address Personalization

The resident mailing list does not traditionally include a personal name on each record. The name space will read “Current Resident”, or “Dear Pizza Lover” if you wish. However, oftentimes, mailers choose to include a personal name where available upon request. Our nationwide personalized name coverage is over 77% on average. Doing so gives the mail piece that additional layer of personalization.

Geographic Selection

As with all direct mail campaigns, you’ll need to define your geographic market. This will be a list of zip codes, or maybe a radius surrounding your store location. Since the resident occupant mailing list or occupant mailing list must fully saturate a given carrier route, the boundary of your geographic mailing will need to include boundaries that are along a carrier route. We can do this in a couple of ways.

Carrier Route Boundaries

By selecting specific carrier routes, we can create a list of delivery points within your ideal routes.  

Zip Code Boundaries

Selecting a whole zip code will capture all carrier routes with a given zip code.

Radius Boundaries

Creating a radius of a certain distance from your store location is easy. Just provide an address, or multiple store location addresses, along with a distance from that store location, and we’ll identify each full carrier route that’s located within that radius location.

Filters or Selects

As noted above, you’ll want to reach 90% saturation in any given carrier route.  But you could reduce the number of addresses with a route by 10% and still achieve the maximum postal discount. Consider doing this with any of the following:

Not All Routes are the Same

While you cannot “cherry pick” homes within a given route, you CAN pick and choose which routes you want to mail. We can help you select which routes are more ideal than others.  

  • Median Age– Select routes where the median age is within a range, i.e., age 45 to 75.
  • Median Income– Select routes where the median income is within a range, i.e., household income of $50,000 to $150,000.
  • Median Home Value– Select routes where the median home value is within a range, i.e., home value of $200,000 plus. Percentage of Homes with Children– Select routes where the percentage of homes within that route have children present.
  • Percentage of Homeowners– Select routes where the percentage of homes within the route are owned vs rented.
  • Dwell Type– Choose homes within the route that are Single Family residence vs Multi-family residence.

Residence vs Businesses vs PO Boxes

Finally, depending on your offer, you may want to mail only to consumer residences, or just residences and businesses, but not PO Boxes. Since the saturation resident occupant list contains every and all delivery points within a carrier route, considering one or the other is often preferable.  
If you are looking to reach everyone in your geographic market, BB Direct’s Resident Occupant Mailing List database will maximize direct mail exposure at the absolute lowest postal rate. Though our Consumer Mailing List product will reach most people, this type of geographic mailing list will reach all.

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Do you have questions about our resident occupant marketing list or any other marketing list? We would like to help. Whether you are new to direct mail marketing, or just want to be sure you’ve got all your bases covered, BB Direct’s friendly mailing list experts are here to help you make your next direct mail campaign a success. Please just ask!

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