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Apartment Complex Renters List

Target Marketing to Complexes and Communities

Apartment Complex Renters - All U.S.
Condominium Complex & Gated Community Residents - All U.S.

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Consumer Mailing List

Apartment Mailing List: Put Your Message in the Hands of Specific Renters

BB Direct’s Apartment Complex Renters Mailing List delivers targeted and responsive renter prospects within named apartment complexes to help you grow your business.  Small and large businesses alike choose this community renter mailing list over other traditional renter lists to experience higher than normal response.  See below why mailing to our Apartment Complex Renter Mailing List increases response over all others.

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BB Direct’s Apartment Complex Renters Database

 Community Specific Options

Apartment Complex Renters 

Our Apartment Complex Renters Database is a mailing list that includes the names and addresses of renters within a given named apartment complex.  

Condominium Complex & Gated Community Residents

Like the Apartment Complex Renters List, we are also able to provide both renters and homeowners of both condominium complexes as well as gated communities.

BB Direct’s Apartment Complex Renters Database includes the 100% mailing address information of those residents within a given named apartment complex, condominium, or gated community.  

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Apartment Tenant Mailing Lists Are Used By Local Professionals

Realtors, Home Developers, and Other Apartment Complexes

Companies that provide opportunities for relocation use the Apartment Complex Database with great success.  It gives them a captive audience of prospects who will, at some point, relocate to a new home, making this database superior to many others.

Restaurants, Dry Cleaners, Gyms, and other Nearby Retail Establishments

Restaurants market to the Apartment Complex Mailing List to make special offers designed specifically for these renters. They may use the apartment development name on the mail piece to call attention to this special offer and encourage them to visit on certain dates and days of the week.

Doctors, Dentists, and Chiropractors

Both Doctors, Dentists, and Chiropractor will use this specialized list of renters to introduce their services to the local community. Often, apartment complex renters are new to an area and rent for a short term while becoming familiar with a new area.  This makes them a great prospect for new long-term relationships with the Doctor, Dentist and Chiropractor.

Home Cleaners and Dog Walkers

Many Apartment Complex Renters are busy professionals who have busy schedules and work long hours. They are ideal candidates for a variety of offers like home cleaning services, pet care, dry cleaning, and other services for people “on the go”.

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Apartment Tenant Mailing List

5 Proven Advantages to Apartment Complex Marketing

Advantage #1 – Common Lifestyles & Needs

For specific community offers, our Apartment Tenant Mailing List helps marketers reach ideal prospects for a variety of offers. Common among all residents within an apartment complex, these renters have very specific needs and respond to offers differently than single family home dwellers. 

Advantage #2 – Short-term Occupancy with Expiring Lease Date

Consider the short-term nature of apartment complex dwellers and how their needs differ from other renters or homeowners. They rent for a finite duration, so they always have a future relocation in mind.

Advantage #3 – Selectable by Monthly Rent Amount

BB Direct’s unique Apartment Complex Database enables mailers to select complexes based on their average monthly rental amount. This gives you the ability to target specific communities, and carefully craft your messaging to best resonate with these valuable renters.

Advantage #4 – Similar Spending Habits

Apartment Complexes near a University will likely be occupied by students while residents of a 55+ gated community all share very similar shopping habits. The ability to select by the named complex or community provides for a very targeted direct mail audience.

Advantage #5 – Apartment Complex Name Personalization

Being able to select by the name of an apartment complex gives the marketers a huge opportunity to personalize the mail piece. Knowing the community name, the apartment mailer can add that complex or gated community name to the actual mail piece. This personalization is a powerful way to make the connection, make special offers, and nurture the relationship with these residents.

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Do you have questions about our apartment renter mailing list or any other mailing list? We would like to help. Whether you are new to direct mail marketing, or just want to be sure you’ve got all your bases covered, BB Direct’s friendly mailing list experts are here to help you make your next direct mail campaign a success. Please just ask!

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