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Phone Append and Reverse Phone Append Service
Phone Append and Reverse Phone Append Service

Phone Append Services: Add Phone Numbers to Your Customer List Now!

BB Direct’s Telephone Append and Telephone Reverse Append solutions enable businesses to increase marketing communications by adding phone numbers to existing postal databases through phone append services or adding postal address to your existing telemarketing list with a reverse append. 

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About Mailing List Phone Append Services from BB Direct

Adding telephone numbers to your customer list is quick and easy. In fact, most phone appends take only minutes. Companies who add phones to their customer list accomplish a number of very valuable things:

  • Customer retention
  • Cross-sell/up-sell opportunities
  • Inbound call tracking
  • Outbound lost customer win-backs

We Can Append Phones to Both Consumer Customers As Well As Business Customers

Consumer Customer Phone Append

Appending phones to a customer list of consumers adds a tremendous value to your customer list.  We can also append name and address information to a list of phone numbers, aka Reverse Phone Append.

Business Customer Phone Append

We can append phones to business postal addresses or add business postal addresses to phone numbers, also known as Reverse Phone Append.  Straight phone append is when you provide us your customer business name and address, and we return it with the phone number for that location.

The Reverse Phone append is very similar, only you send us your list of telephone numbers and we return that list with business names and addresses associated with that list.  Both the straight append and reverse append are quick and cost effective.

How It’s Done 

The process is relatively simple in that you provide us with your database of customer names and postal addresses, and we return it quickly with the added phone information. Unless qualified, we only append phones which are not currently on the Do Not Call Registry. This eliminates one more step on your DNC compliance check list.

Match Rate Expectations

Our phone append match rates vary depending on the input file. If you have clean accurate postal address data, you can expect between 6% and 15% telephone record information to be added to your database. If your organization qualifies for phone data that’s on the DNC registry, you can expect append rates from 65% to as high as 85% on average. Our telemarketing database is the most complete and accurate database of telemarketing data on the market.

More and more marketers are relying on follow up contact after a direct mail marketing campaign. Adding a telephone number through our append service allows marketers an additional, crucial point of contact to pitch their product or service while creating a multichannel marketing forum.


Create Stronger Campaign Strategies with a Better Customer Database

BB Direct’s phone append and reverse phone append services provide valuable information about your current customers so you can create stronger, more engaging, and more effective campaigns.

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