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List Management Services

Quality CRM data is essential to your campaign’s success. Our database enhancement and data hygiene services clean up your mailing lists before your campaign is fulfilled. With BB Direct’s list management services, we’ll fill in missing contact info, merge duplicate customers, and remove or update bad addresses, reducing the cost of your mailing and improving your campaign ROI. Our Database Append services will help you clean up your list and enhance your existing database of customers with information that helps you better communicate your product and service offerings. We’ll help you hit the right customers with the right message, at the right price.

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Database Management List for Sale | New, Updated & Current Files - clientdatabase

Database Enhancement

Database Enhancement uses our accurate database to improve the quality of information recorded in your client database. Ensuring you have the most current and relevant information helps you create more effective campaigns that lead to more sales and customer loyalty.

Database Management List for Sale | New, Updated & Current Files - mail2

Data Hygiene

BB Direct offers a variety of Database Hygiene process services to assist in ensuring our mailer clients have the most deliverable postal mailing list at time of mail drop. Outdated, inaccurate, and bad addresses in your database not only costs you money on printing and postage, it means missing the opportunity to get your message to customers who’ve already decided to use your product or service. Whether you're mailing every quarter or every day, we have the tools and products to keep your data list clean and deliverable.