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NCOA Link Process
NCOA Link Process

Increase Your Direct Mail Deliverability with NCOA Change of Address Service

Annually in our country, millions of consumers and businesses move or relocate causing a change in mailing address.  With so many people constantly on the move, keeping an updated mailing list can be a challenge for any direct mail marketer. Many consumers and businesses choose to file a National Change of Address (NCOA) form with the US Postal Service, allowing for addresses to be updated. 

With BB Direct’s complete suite of NCOA processing services, mailers are easily able to remove undeliverable addresses and correct addresses to reflect a change or relocation. Doing so increases the overall deliverability of your mailing list while increasing return on investment and allowing each marketing dollar spent to be maximized.

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National Change of Address Link Process

Keep Up with Moving Customers

The US population is on constantly on the move.  With NCOA (National Change of Address) Link Process, mailers continue your valuable customer communication, encourage upsell/cross sell opportunities, and retain their brand loyalty, regardless of where these customers move.

NCOA Link Process finds people who’ve moved within the last 48 months, and correctly replaces their old mailing address with their new mailing address.  This helps marketers continue their relationship with these previous customers, reduces cost of mailing to people who no longer live at that address, and increases brand loyalty with the greatest number of previous customers.

Increase Deliverability: Better ROI

Gain More Customers- Previous customers are so precious to you.  BB Direct’s NCOA Link Process will help you reach and sell to more of them.  The National Change of Address process gives you the new postal address information for any changes that took place.  Reaching even a few more customers on one mailing will boost sales, increasing return on investment.

Mail Less- NCOA process will also identify those people who’ve moved outside your market, which allows you to remove those addresses that will simply not order from you any longer.

18-Month or 48-Month NCOA Link

18-Month or 48-Month NCOA Link: Which is Best for You?

BB Direct offers two kinds of NCOA Link: 18 & 48 Month NCOA process. Both are very effective in capturing and correcting recently moved records.

18 Month NCOA & ANK Link Process- The 18 Month NCOA & ANK Link Process flags those records which have relocated within the last 48 months and corrects any addresses moved within the last 18 months.

48 Month NCOA Link Process-The 48 Month NCOA Process corrects any moved records which have relocated within the last 48 months.
As with any direct mail marketing campaign, your success will greatly depend on the mailing list. The National Change of Address process will ensure that any postal address records that have changed, will be updated. This process however is only as good as the postal name and address matching the database of changes.  With nearly every single customer database, there are address records which are incomplete and/or undeliverable.  To get the most out of your direct mail campaign, consider identifying those "questionable" records by using our DSF Link Process. 

Create Stronger Campaign Strategies with a Better Customer Database

BB Direct’s NCOA Link service provides valuable information about your current customers so you can create stronger, more engaging, and more effective campaigns.

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