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PCOA-Plus Process
PCOA-Plus Process

PCOA-Plus: Our Premium Change of Address Hygiene Service

PCOA-Plus is our new Premium Change of Address data hygiene service that tackles multiple issues typically associated with aging mailing lists and databases. Among those issues are; finding more address changes and ones that date back beyond the 48 month window of NCOA, name changes/discrepancies, verifying that still people live at an address, and identifying deceased individuals.

  • 35-Year Premium Change of Address Archive
  • Tracks and Corrects Name Change and Misspelling
  • Verifies Name and Current Address Match
  • Flags Deceased Individuals Dating Back 35 Years

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Best Direct Mail Change of Address Program

Industry’s Best Direct Mail Change of Address Program

There is a constant struggle for direct marketing experts to find the best address hygiene solution. If that’s you too, look no further! PCOA-Plus taps into the LexisNexis data repository, which is known throughout the industry as one of the most robust data sets available. This data is constantly used by law enforcement, government agencies, and financial institutions to screen and verify the most recent name/address information. The data links to more than 29,000 continually updated data sources, and has 35 years of archived history.

How PCOA-Plus Scrubs Your Mailing List

  • Changes of Address– PCOA-Plus contains archived address history dating decades (up to 35 years) beyond the 48-month window of NCOA, it routinely provides several times as many new addresses as NCOA alone.
  • Name Changes– The archived history also tracks name information to resolve multiple iterations of the same person, such as maiden names, initials, and misspellings. We will return the most recent name and address in these cases, and provide coding if the name is different from the input file.
  • Resident Verification– A common misconception about NCOA & CASS is that they confirm name and address combinations, verifying that the person still lives at the address. They do confirm the address as deliverable or not, but it does not confirm that the person lives there. PCOA-Plus does provide such verification, and will return a confirmation code if the name & address of the input record matches the most current address we have on file.
  • Deceased Individuals– PCOA-Plus accesses the most comprehensive and accurate deceased information coming from the Social Security Administration, State, and Local Government. This information dates back up to 35 years.

PCOA-Plus Improves Your Direct Mail ROI 

  • Increased Revenue & Response Rates– Mailing to more accurate addresses leads to increased response rates which creates more revenue!
  • Reduced Costs- Greatly improved cost per new customer/acquisition, renewals, and reactivations.
  • Cost Savings– Save on postage, mail piece material, and mail preparation. Fewer mail pieces being tossed in garbage due to undeliverable mail.

Create Stronger Campaign Strategies with a Better Customer Database

BB Direct’s PCOA-Plus service provides valuable information about your current customers so you can create stronger, more engaging, and more effective campaigns.

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