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Defining Your Unique Value Proposition: Moving Beyond "Service"

What differentiates your company from your competition? Why should I choose to do business with you over your competitors?

This simple question demands more than a simple answer, yet when asked, the response is almost always the same: SERVICE. This generic answer drives me bonkers!

Think about it for a moment: What does "service" really mean to you and your organization? As someone who lives and breathes your company, you have a deep understanding of its definition. But does it hold the same meaning for your prospects? Outsiders don’t share your inner knowledge. They only know what they’ve experienced, seen, read, or been told by others. If they aren’t familiar with your organization, they have their own interpretation of what "service" means.

Simply put, it’s your job to define "service" for them. Don’t make assumptions.

Another common issue: Would you quote an 800 number without briefing your operators on the deal and who might be calling? Of course not. Yet, it’s surprising how often emails, direct mail pieces, or other print materials offer only a general URL. Responders visit the URL only to encounter a completely different look (your general homepage), with no connection to the original print copy.

This disconnect forces them to navigate through your site to find the relevant information. Worse yet, there’s no way to track these cross-overs. Ouch! To avoid this, ensure your landing page has a relevant greeting, consistent copy, and appearance so responders don’t get frustrated and leave.

Takeaway: Ensure continuity between where your prospects/customers are coming from and where they’re going. A personalized URL (pURL) can help solve this problem.

For more effective targeting, consider using a new homeowner mailing list or a licensed professionals mailing list. By doing so, you can ensure your message reaches the right audience, enhancing your marketing efforts and improving your chances of success.

By defining "service" clearly and ensuring a seamless experience from your marketing materials to your website, you can differentiate your company and provide a compelling reason for prospects to choose you over your competition.