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Automobile Mailing List

Automobile Mailing List

Driving Showroom Traffic

Multi-Sourced, Shelby Compliant, VIN Included
Base Price:  $65/M + Selects, Min. $150.00
155MM Vehicles in 67MM Driveways
Updated Every Two Weeks



BB Direct’s Premium Automobile Mailing List is the most up-to-date and robust auto database of its kind, outperforming other similar lists in terms of accuracy and coverage. In addition to selecting by make, model, and year, BB Direct’s automobile database also includes VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) information. Unlike some automobile files, our database has coverage in all 50 states, is Shelby compliant, and is updated every 2 weeks.


Not all Automobile Databases Are the Same

Auto Database


When buying a list of vehicle owners by make, model, and year built, many marketers do little to compare which automotive database is more accurate, up-to-date, or has the greatest coverage for their target conquest list.  They are bombarded by list brokers all posing as the best and choose the one who pitched them the lowest price.  At BB Direct, we wanted to know how our database stands up against the competition.  So we decided to invest in a comparison study of our databases and the other top 3 database to see how we measure up.  Not so surprising was that our file has more vehicles and was more accurate, but what was surprising were measurable attributes of our file as compared with the others.


Not only did we find that our automotive mailing list have more verifiably accurate car owners, but that the database contained far more unique records than all other files combined.  In short, we are able to identify far more accurate car owners than anyone.


Our Most Popular Selects


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Auto Make   Auto Year Built   Validation Date
Auto Model   Purchase Date   Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
Age   Income   Number of Children
Gender   Homeowner/Renter    


Phone   Phone Type   Summarized Credit Score
Vehicle Value        
Black Book Value   Kelley Blue Book Value  


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Deliverability and Accuracy


Our data is verified for accuracy and only complete records that have make, model and/or a VIN (vehicle identification number) actually make it into the master file. The files are NCOA, CASS & DPV certified and updated quarterly to improve deliverability. Compilation is 100% self-reported so there’s no supplemental modeled data to dilute accuracy. There’s no better automobile database available for direct marketing purposes.


To learn more about this and other automobile related databases, call us at (866) 501-6273 and one of our List Experts will be happy to assist you in your next campaign.

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