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Email Campaign Fundamentals

As with all direct marketing mediums, direct email marketing is a science and can be perfected if you follow some basic fundamentals. Most business professionals tend to make a series of simple mistakes, over and over again without guidance on how best to improve their results.  Successful marketers follow some basics because they’ve learned the importance of proper planning and execution.


1.        Define Your Target Audience


Many marketers will have something to say before they know who they are talking to. It’s similar to visiting a foreign county and talking to people in your native language. You’re much more likely to be heard, understood, and respected, if you stop and learn who you are talking to and then speak their language.


Before you begin drafting your message and offer, learn more about your audience.  If it’s your existing customers, make sure you fully understand why they buy from you already. Where do your best customers travel from to find your store and buy your wares? What do they look like demographically, as what do you know about their lifestyle? What key motivators trigger them to respond? What is your unique selling advantage compared to your competition?


Once you fully understand your most likely customer and fully understand why they would want what you sell, you can craft the right message to get their attention.


 2.       Craft the Right Message


Crafting the right message is easy if you know who you are targeting. Your primary goal is to put the most responsive offer in front of them first. This starts with the subject line. Once opened, the body of your email should clearly state your offer without too much clutter. Your message should be straight forward and to the point. Provide both a graphic and text, but not too much of either, into the body of the email. Too much of either can become distracting. 


If done properly, the offer is clear and easy for the recipient to assess if this is something they want to act upon. You don’t want to try to talk the prospect into buying something. It is important to connect with people who truly will respond because you’ve emailed the right person at the right time, with the right message. 


3.        Bite Sized Pieces are Easier to Swallow


Rather than asking for an order right out of the gate, consider inviting the prospect to view a video, have a conversation, visit an informative seminar, receive a coupon, learn more about what you sell, or just answer a question of interest. You will get much more interest if you don’t ask for the world up front. Ask for smaller bits of information to earn the opportunity to tell your story. Begin a dialog and develop a relationship.


4.        How You Say It is More Important than What You Say


When meeting someone for the first time you can approach them in a multitude of ways. The best approach is to be friendly. Don’t ask for too much and be respectful. Making friends starts with listening and learning. Learn about who you are communicating with before you begin communicating. Understanding their unique set of likes will help you understand how to present your own unique selling points.


5.        Get to the Point


Don’t beat around the bush with what it is you want to say.  You only have the prospects attention for a few seconds. The subject line serves only one purpose and that is to get the prospect to open the email. The body of the email services only one purpose and that is to state your offer and generate a link to a landing page. The landing page or website serves only one purpose and that is to do what the email body said it would. If your offer is to receive some information, your landing page should ask for the email to send that info to right then and there.  Make no bones about it. Give them what you told them you would give them. The last thing you want to do is offer one thing and then give your audience something else.


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