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Benefits abound Email Append Process

Posted by Brian Berg Google+


BB Direct’s database enhancement services now include Email Append and Reverse Email Append services for both Consumer and Business postal files.


The Process?  Simple. Send your customer database in digital format to include name and postal address record information. 


We’ll match your database against our all U.S. email database (300,000,000 consumers), and append your file with email records a match is found.  We then deploy a permission pass campaign on your behalf, remove those that with to opt-out, and send return the remaining appended email address records.


Benefits to email append


  • Build multi-touch campaign strategy
  • Support other direct marketing initiatives
  • Offer customer communication preference options
  • Test new offers quickly before rolling out to other channels
  • Retain more customers
  • Solicit customers to migrate from paper billing to accept online billing
  • Increase sales opportunities
  • Reactivate inactive customers
  • Reduce overall marketing costs
  • Increase web traffic to landing page and corporate site


Call BB Direct today to learn more about this and other data enhancement services.