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Common Automobile Dealership Mailing Lists

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Credit Score Mailing Lists Making a firm offer of credit allows you to utilize a Beacon Score mailing list.  This is a powerful tool enabling you to pinpoint exactly who you want invite to buy your vehicles.  


Of all the selects available, your mailing list should include the following.  First, choose your credit score range that reaches the lower than average credit score range consumers.  The benefit to doing so is that these folks don’t always get offers of credit, and when they do, they react.


Below are the types of selects available for when making a firm offer of credit


• Actual Beacon Score • 100% Phone Numbers

• 2 Years Minimum Credit Indicator

• 3 Years Minimum Credit Indicator

• Age of Owner

• Age of Oldest Open Auto Trade

• Age of Oldest Trade (Open or Closed)

• Aggregate Revolving Debt

• Auto Loan Paid %

• Bankruptcy Discharge Date

• Bankruptcy Eliminator

• Bankruptcy Filing Date

• Bankruptcy Status

• ** Beacon 5.0 Score

• Current Delinquency Eliminator

• Date of Birth Where Avail.

• Estimated Income

• First Time Auto Buyer Indicator

• Hispanic Ethnicity Indicator

• Homeowner Indicator

• ** Lease Terminator - Months Remaining

• New Car Purchase Eliminator

• Number of Open Auto Loans

• Open Auto Lease - Monthly Payment Amount

• Open Auto Lease Indicator

• Open Auto Loan - Monthly Payment Amount

• Open Auto Loan - Months Remaining

• Open Auto Loan - Payoff Amount

• Paid-off Auto Loan Indicator

• Phones Where Available

• Presence of Auto Repossession

• Presence of Cars in Household

• Repossession Eliminator

• Total of All Trades (Open/Closed)


Modeled Credit Score

Modeled Credit Score mailing lists are used when you’re unable to make a firm offer of credit.  You can use this “modeled” score in conjunction with the Number of Months of the Newest Auto Trade index.  This attempts to reach prospects which both look like they would drive your vehicle and they look like the are more likely ready to purchase a new vehicle because they’ve owned their present vehicle for some time now.


The modeled credit score mailing list is selectable by all the normal demographic and psychographic selects that are available on the consumer mailing list.  Additionally, you can select a “modeled” credit score, the number of open trades on the credit report identified as “auto”, and the number of months of the newest auto trade. Bankruptcy Data Mailing List The bankruptcy mailing list is attractive for the sheer fact that when a bankruptcy has been dismissed, it’s as if the person has just got a new lease on life. 


They are out shopping again and really can’t file for bankruptcy for years.  This ensures the lenders they’ll be able to fight for recovery and usually win.


The following are the selects available on the Bankruptcy Mailing List


• Age

• Bankcard Utilization Rate

• Chapter

• Children Present

• Dwelling Type

• Filing Date

• Gender

• Homeowner or Renter

• Score (450-850)

• Income Estimated

• Individual/Joint Filing Free

• Length Of Residence

• Newest Auto Trades

• Open Auto Loans

• Release Date

• Telephone Number

• Total Bank Revolving Balance


Current Vehicle Status – Modeled


Since the Shelby Bill of 2000, the closest we’ve been able to get to actual motor vehicle make and model mailing list data is “modeled” data.  Progress has been made to increasing the accuracy of this type of mailing list. 


Accuracy testing of this mailing list product falls in the 80% to 85% range.


• Self Reported

• Make/Year

• Own/Lease Import Vehicle

• Purchase New or Used

• Likely To Purchase New

• Likely to Purchase New/Used, and Type of Vehicle

• Likely Amount of Budget

• Predictive Ownership – Make/Year

• Active auto buyer


Miscellaneous Mailing List Options


Resident/Occupant - Reach every household within a certain radius of a dealership.


New Homeowners - A high percentage of New Homeowners purchase a new vehicle within the first year of ownership.


New Parents - The majority of expecting parents want to get a larger vehicle.