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What Does the Email SpamAssassin Score Mean To You?

Posted by Brian Berg Google+


The Email SpamAssassin score is a computer program used for email spam filtering based on a variety of content-matching rules.  So, based on the content within your email, the program will assign a score to it.  Depending on the SpamAssassin Score assigned to the HTML creative, your email may or may not make it to the inbox.  A score higher than 5 will likely end up in Junk Folder of your prospective email recipient.


What Is a Good Score? Scores run on a 0 - 10 scale.  Although your messages score may fall anywhere between these numbers, messages with a score less than 5 will not have deliverability issues from this measure.


To Lower Your SpamAssassin Score If the score of any of your messages is above 5, you'll want to work to reduce the score below that number.  Here's a short list of items you can do to reduce your score.


For more info, see Short List Tips to Reduce Your Score


  • Be honest in your headers.
  • Use a domain name which is identified by a verifiable IP address.
  • Don't include a disclaimer that your email isn't spam.
  • Use normal conversational language.
  • If you're using HTML emails, use high quality HTML emails.
  • Be visible and public in your domain and hosting registrations.

How Do I Start Using SpamAssassin? Go to: