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CAS vs. the

Posted by Brian Berg Google+


Too often I'm asked of the difference between the two mailing list count and order systems; CAS and  The first thing that comes to mind is that if you're using FireFox, you'll never reach CAS  It simply won't open.  This may not seem like a big deal but with Google Analytics, I've discovered that over 26% of the users of reach our site via the FireFox browser. Of course the two sites are completely different in functionality, and only by trying them out can one decide their preference.  CAS has built their own proprietary user interface and hosts a wide range of database files, from compiled consumer and the business database to more niche files like the licensed professionals database. 


The site currently stages a variety of compiled files as well but not nearly as many as the CAS system. One of the key differences can be found in the data itself.  The CAS consumer database is an aggregate of several files which creates one blended file.  This recipe for which source files are used not available to customers of CAS.  The blended file advantage is that users hopefully get more better accurate records to mail.  BB Direct uses the Acxiom InfoBase consumer database and maintains transparency with all it's online product sources.  CAS also makes available a B2B file but does not disclose the compiler of this database.   Their current source for their Business file is not disclosed at the time this post is written. stages the D&B Business Database. To learn more about the differences on these and other online systems, please call BB Direct at (866) 501-6273.