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Marketing Tips - Issue 52

Make the 800 Number BIGGER


Sounds simple, but nothing says “Call me” like a bold 800 number.  The smart catalogers put it on every single page.  Does your direct mail have it on every single element?  Why not?


A Special Touch


Two thirds of the customers you lost in the last year were underwhelmed by your lack of interest in them. To avoid this waste, reach out.  Always send a thank you for their order.  Add a special offer with the thank you.  And for those you haven't heard from, write and ask why.  Sometimes we just need a kind word or look to become loyal customers for life.


Who Are Your Customers?


A periodic analysis of your housefile will indicate how your customer profile changes over time.    Despite your disciplined use of outside list rental formulas, new and different types of customers creep into your revenue mix over time.   That's logical, because magazine readership, donor lists and response lists are dynamic too.   Invest in a demographic overlay to see these new markets as they emerge.   You will get your money back with better targeting and list suppression in the future.


Marketing Tips posts authored by Leslie Goldstein of the USPS.