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18 Month NCOA and how to get it

Posted by Brian Berg Google+


The 18 month NCOA Link processing provides National Change of Address processing for the last 18 months.  This process will not correct those people who have relocated from 18 to 48 months ago.  This processing was designed to satisfy the most common file updating.  The processing is perfect for files that have already been NCOA'd within the last 18 months, or if the database you're going to mail has been purchase within the last year and you are planning to mail again.


USPS New Move Compliance



To satisfy the United States Post Office requirements when mailing Standard Rate, you will need to be sure that all files used are new move compliant. The requirement is that your mailing list has been NCOA'd within 95 days of mailing.


B-Clean Lite data hygiene


The B-Clean Lite process is offered by BB Direct and provides a combination of both the 18 month NCOA and ANK Link Processing.  The ANK Link Processing flags those records where a move had occurred but did so between 18 and 48 months ago.  It also provides the date of the move but does not correct the address itself. 


The B-Clean Lite product from BB Direct is perfect for all files in that it is a cost effective way to correct those recent moves and flag those older moves at a low cost.  You can then decide what to do with the older flagged addresses, i.e., delete them, add "Or current resident" to the address, or gather these records together and process with the 48 Month NCOA Link processing.


BB Direct also offers an unlimited access FTP site folder for the B-Clean Lite folder.  This folder is password protected and available 24/7 to make NCOA correction available any hour of the day.  The system is cost effective and simple to use. If you would like to learn more about BB Direct's data hygiene product line click here, or visit our website or other fine mailing list products.