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Donor Mailing Lists a Must for Non-Profit Organizations

Posted by Brian Berg Google+

When people think of direct mail, they usually think of items being sent to a consumer mailing list like advertisements, flyers, and take-out menus.  However, direct mail can accomplish many different things, including soliciting donations or support for a good cause.  If you work for a non-profit or charitable organization, you may want to consider taking advantage of a direct mailing campaign.

Targeted direct mail lists that are designed specifically for those who are seeking charitable donations can create a buzz about your non-profit and have donations rolling in.  Our lists include people of a certain income bracket, those who belong to fundraising or charitable groups, and those who have previously donated time or money to charities.  We also offer lists of people who have shown interest in certain charitable causes, such as education, animal protection, hungry and needy families, and home-building.

Even though direct mail brings the highest ROI, many non profits are adding e-mail components to their campaigns and presenting an integrated approach to their fund raising efforts.  Agencies who have not yet appended e-mail addresses to their current donor files can do this easily and cost-effectively so they can maximize their outreach to their donors.

Non-profits that raise the most money are using well-conceived consumer mailing list and telemarketing programs geared to reaching the right people with the right offer.