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Making the Most of your Holiday Mailings!

Posted by Brian Berg Google+


With the holiday season quickly approaching businesses should be well through the planning stages of their 2010 holiday marketing campaigns. Postcard holiday marketing campaigns can be an excellent way to boost important holiday sales. 


Trends are predicting a 2.3% increase in holiday spending this year over the 2009 holiday season.  Use the following tips to ensure that your businesses 2010 holiday marketing campaign is profitable:


  1. Make the most of special discounts!  During the holiday season many printers offer special discounts or offer free services.  Shop around town to find the best offer available.  If you have a printer that you regularly use for direct mail list services, still shop around.  In such a competitive market, your printer will most likely match the prices of a competitor just to keep your direct mail list business.
  2. Keep your message merry and bright!  During the holiday season the majority of your potential customer base is wrapped up in the joy of the season.  Be sure to change you regular direct mail list message to have holiday undertones.  More potential customers are apt to buy your product or service if it promotes the theme of the season.
  3. Fill your potential customers with excitement!  Make them want to get to your store or call your office immediately to purchase your businesses product or service.  Use your direct mail list to entice your potential customers with not only offers for discounts, but special prizes and contests.
  4. Make your call to action noticeable!  Make sure to make it easy for potential clients to respond to your call of action.  Provide a phone number, website, or directions to your physical location.  All the above tips are important, but the call to action is the real reason for your direct mail list.
  5. Make your postcards durable!  Nothing is worse than mailing inexpensive, flimsy postcards to the recipients on your direct mail list.  You never know in what condition your message will reach the recipient.  Using thicker, UV & moisture resistant postcards, will ensure your message is received in the same condition it was in on the day it was printed.